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Pause for thought – Pre-reveals kill the E3 magic

E3 2015 is really close now and we already see the consequences. A lot of publishers went for the early reveal of their content.

It makes sense from some point of view but isn’t E3 supposed to be about kick-ass reveals? Is this ‘pre-vibe’ killing or improving the global E3 experience?

Some big reveals:

First of all let’s start by saying that some companies simply can’t wait another week to reveal what they’ll show. Bethesda already showed Fallout 4 and teased Doom. Both games were highly anticipated games that would have generated a lot of talk during an official E3 reveal. Ubisoft did the same with Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate and Nintendo is hosting a Smash reveal just a day before the official show. Besides these examples there simply are a lot more reveals these days. So why reveal so much now?


From a marketing point of view it’s interesting and even smart to reveal your big games just before the start of the show. The idea behind it is simple, if you reveal your game now, everybody will talk about it. Why risk that your game might not be mentioned when all other games are revealed during the show? Revealing a big game now, means a lot of media attention, everybody is hoping for some news so everybody is covering it. On the other hand it kills the E3 magic for a lot of gamers.

The E3 magic gets lost

A lot of gamers will agree that the big announcements lead to interesting discussions in a period where we normally don’t see a lot of gaming news. But a lot of gamers will also agree that such reveals kill the magic of E3. Remember the days where nothing got leaked and that publishers used strict embargoes? Those were the great days for sure! Watching the E3 show without knowing what will be next was magical. Remember that moment when your favorite franchise appeared on the big screen without any indication or announcement days before? We sure do and we fear that a lot of publishers won’t be able to give us the same feeling.

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Sure we’re still hyped for games as Doom, Fallout 4, Mirror’s Edge and Dark Souls III, but it’s not the same now that we already know that these  will be featured during the show. Nowadays we wait to see more content of an already announced game while we were guessing and dreaming about unannounced games in the past.

But there’s still hope

Saying that all magic gets lost thanks to these early reveals isn’t true of course. We do know that a lot of companies and publishers are holding their big guns safe just until the start of E3. We do believe we’ll see some big surprises in most conferences but we still can’t shake the feeling that we already know a lot of the awesome stuff. Microsoft will reveal some surprises for sure and both Nintendo and Sony need some unannounced big games to deliver a great E3. But what about the other publishers?

Will we see some surprises from Ubisoft, Bethesda and EA? Or have those companies already showed us everything they have in store… Probably not. It’s the beauty of the E3, you never really know what to expect and what to hope for. A lot of announcements doesn’t mean there is nothing to talk about when the conference goes live. Perhaps some companies wanted to share some information ahead so they could focus on bigger content during their show.

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So is this pre-E3 vibe killing the real deal?

To some point I would say yes. E3 isn’t the same as it used to be and that’s also mainly because of the internet. Everybody wants news and wants it as fast as possible. It would be stupid not to use this power as a publisher. It’s a shame so much got leaked and announced just a week before the E3 show but at least we got something to talk about with our friends. On the other hand you might even say that these pre-reveals lead to more hype and excitement for the show. Now that a lot of fans know their favorite game will be featured, they’re desperately waiting for more information about it. I think the pre-reveals are here to stay and that we’ll see more of them in the couple of days, I just hope we got to see some big surprises during E3 as well.

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