Reaction: Bethesda’s conference, a great start for E3

Bethesda held its own conference for the first time ever during E3 2015. Since the publisher had a lot to share, it wasn’t enough to be featured in other conferences. The first Bethesda conference was a huge success, resulting in some major announcements. We give our reactions to some of the biggest E3 reveals of this year.

Doom is back baby!

Let’s start with the first reveal of the conference, DOOM! The game is finally back and it looks like it takes the game back to its roots. Unlike Doom III, this new Doom, called Doom: Hell, takes things back to where things got started. We’re very excited to see the health-bar and armor-bar making a return. No longer will you need to cover to heal, it looks like health and armor packs are back and we couldn’t be happier!

Doom Hell feels like a fresh start or even a reboot of Doom III, a reboot that takes things back to how they should be. Remember the good old days where killing monsters with a chainsaw was a big thing? It looks like we’re finally getting our Doom experience in High Definition.

The reveal of Doom was no surprise but the way the game looks sure was. We can’t wait to play the complete game when it launches next year. The reveal of Doom was a great start for Bethesda.

Look who’s finally back! Dishonored is back and is here to stay!

The next major stop during the conference was the reveal of Dishonored 2 and the Remaster. Aside of a lot of other games, this one wasn’t leaked and got us excited for sure! Remember how great the first game was? If not, wait for the Remaster to play it with improved graphics and DLC packs. We played the first one and loved it, now that it’s getting a sequel, we couldn’t be more excited!

Dishonored 2 looks more of the same but that’s exactly what we wanted. Again, you’ll be able to play with Corvo but you can even play with a female character called Emily Kaldwin. It gives the players even more choices and that’s what made the first game so strong. Just like in the original we’re glad to see both gunfights and magic make a return to the game. The combination of steampunk weapons and magic powers worked great in the first one so we can’t wait to see more.

The thing we’re most excited for? The opportunity to finish the game without killing somebody! We can’t wait to get our hands on a true stealth game. Personally, one of my favorite announcements for sure!

Let’s not forget Fallout 4… Which is launching this year!

Next up was, no surprise here, Fallout 4. The game was revealed a couple of days before the conference so for me, most of the hype was gone. I was expecting the game so I wasn’t as surprised to see the Fallout 4 logo appear on the big screen. The gameplay we saw did surprise me and got me hyped all over again.

Fallout 4 looks a lot like Fallout 3 and New Vegas. A lot of great elements such as the Pip-boy, VAT-aiming and weapon crafting makes a return. I’m excited to see those elements return to the game since they worked incredibly well in the last episodes. Fallout wouldn’t be Fallout if there weren’t any innovations however. We’re excited for the base-creator. In here you built your own base and try to defend it using helicopters and more powerful tools to help you survive in the cruel world. We’re excited for this extra layer of strategy in the game and we’re sure it can make the game even better.

Oh and let’s not forget your dog! I had an ‘I Am Legend’ feeling about it and it felt good. Getting your own dog in a post-apocalyptic world will enforce your bond with the world and the characters. You’re even able to give commands to your pet… Count me excited! I can’t wait for the release THIS NOVEMBER!

Bethesda is handling mobile games the right way

The last news comes from an unexpected gaming area, the mobile market. Bethesda launched its first mobile game called Fallout Shelter today and we already got a short hands-on experience with it. The game gives you controls over some survivors in a self-built shelter. The goal is to train your survivors and to reproduce when possible. The danger comes from enemies who attack from time to time. It’s a fun combination of The Sims and Fallout, it looks and plays good and it’s even free! A great mobile approach of you ask us!

Another mobile game is The Elder Scrolls Legend and brings traditional cardplay to the mobile market. We haven’t really saw some decent footage of it but it sounds like another great mobile game.

Aside of the games, the company will also launch a Pip-boy app that will function as a second screen while playing Fallout 4. This is the right way to involve the mobile market into your marketing plan.


All in all, we’re very pleased with what we saw during the Bethesda show. It offered a lot of things we already knew thanks to the pre-reveals but there was enough new stuff to keep us hyped! Bethesda is on the right path to become one of the biggest publishers this and next year. This conference got us hyped for the future without a doubt!

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