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Analysis: Smash Bros. E3 update Part 1-Lucas,Miiverse stage and Mii Gunner Costumes.

As they looked around him all they see is death and destruction. He turns his head with a blank expression looks up at the sky and whispers: PK LOVE. This is the first part of a three-part analysis of the smash bros. DLC that got released. In this part I will look at The Tazmilian Devil.

That is correct Mother 3’s protagonist Lucas is back and relatively the same as in Brawl. Lucas, to a lot of people, was considered way more fun than Ness and here he still remains more fun. His new colors and victory animations are nice. However I can’t help but feel like Lucas needed an overhaul. While Mewtwo was missing,nobody got his moves, however Ness received Lucas’s specials by way of custom moves. This makes Lucas feel very unnecessary. Other than that he’s charming and colorful but not really that much fun. Let’s put it like this: if you didn’t like Ness you won’t like him. And if you did like Ness you will love Lucas. So what does he have to offer? Let’s find out.

lucas colorsLucas has some new colors. Along with the Claus color we got a color based of Duster seen left.


Lucas is essentially a clone but that being said he plays quite differently from Ness. Instead of PK Pass, Lucas has PK Freeze which doesn’t do as much damaged as PK Pass but it does freeze and launches the opponent giving you enough time to do some extra damage. But while your opponent is frozen you can’t lauch them so keep that in mind. Lucas’s PK Fire knocks opponents back instead of trapping them or lingering on the field for a few seconds. And while Ness’s PK Fire is aimed downward in the air, Lucas fires in a straight line making it a fairly good keep away tool. His PSI Magnet only absorbs in front of him, but on the upside his magnet actually does damage if an opponent is inside it. His last special is PK thunder which goes through opponents which I am not a fan of. But when you hit Lucas with his PK Thunder while it has the same effect as Ness its way more satisfying to use since when Ness hits an opponent it launches them. Lucas on the other hand traps the opponent in his move for multiple hit which looks, sounds and feels wonderful. Lucas has some really great aerials with his neutral being great if hopped in with bigger opponents. It’s also a fairly safe landing tool with little to no recovery so when you land you immediately use his jabs.The jabs Lucas has are surprisingly useful. Knocking opponents back are one of the safes moves ever. His down air his pretty ok but it’s not as good of a landing tool as you might think. Back areal is fast and pack a bit of punch and is one of his few kill-moves. The main attraction of Lucas is still PK Love (His up Smash). That thing is devastating. I’ve seen it destroy civilizations and break through the barrier of existence itself, creating its own heavens. The move has so much range and power it’s not even funny. Matches end with this move. It’s also very fun to use and satisfying when it kills. while you will tend to use his side smash more, PK Love can always surprise an opponent and it’s a fairly well anti-air as well. PK Love is the name of the game, and the game is sweet. One problem is that while Ness had no trouble keeping opponents out with his PK Thunder Lucas’s PK Thunder will keep people out if your lucky since it only goes trough the opponent and doesn’t launch them. Down tilt when used at the right time can trap most players for a while and you can rack up the damage fast and that is the only tilt I really found useful, his up is ok and his side might help you keep an opponent at bay but I doubt it.

lucas nessI like Lucas more than Ness, but if you don’t like Ness Lucas isn’t going to be your thing.


So Lucas overall plays like in Brawl and is more interesting than Ness but unless you’re a fan of Lucas or Ness there won’t be anything you will like. Let’s put it like this: play a lot of matches with Ness and if you are not sick of him get Lucas, if so you might want to skip him. But of course there is a lot more than just Lucas. We still have to take a look at the new stage: Miiverse stage.

OOHHHHH BBBOOOY IS THIS STAGE A MESS. Well to be honest it’s not a bad stage but the problem is that while playing you will see Miiverse posts pop up in the background of the characters you are playing with. Well that’s what it’s supposed to do. While sometimes there are funny post most of the posts are not well moderated. The obscenities are fairly few and far in between but this stage might as well been called Spoiler alert stage. I and a lot of other people that played this stage have been spoiled on thing that have nothing to do with smash. Game of Thrones, Marvel Movies, even the new Batman got spoiled by some people because Miiverse posters thought out spoilers for fun which then appear on the map. It’s kinda funny if it wasn’t enraging. The stage itself is just like Battlefield only a bit smaller. One major issue I have is that the stage is not playable with 8-player smash but you also can’t play it online. Another annoyance is that at every end of the match a pop-up appears that asks you if you want to post to Miiverse. While it doesn’t take up to much time it’s still annoying. The music on the stage is great. While there are some that came from the 3DS version there are a few new ones that sound great. My hat especially goes of to the Wii Shop Channel Theme that took something mellow and relaxed(as a shop should be) and turned it in the Miiverse theme of hype. It’s the best theme in this stage and get me pumped to smash. So in short cool stage but just stay out of it.

miiverse stageHere you can see both the funny and the bad part of Miiverse. The stage is good but the there’s some dire need for moderation of these posts.
This song really get your blood pumping.  And it’s just based of the most mellow shopping theme ever. Wii Shop Channel(remix) 

Old songs:

Listed in order:Final results (Wii Party U), Title theme (Nintendo Land), Monkey watch (Beat The Beat: Rhythm Paradise), Blue birds (Rhythm Paradise), Title (Big Brain Academy), Tomodachi Life (Tomodachi Life),Dark Lord (StreetPass Quest 2),Save The World, Heroes!(Streetpass Quest 2) and Mii Plaza (Mii Channel).

Note: While some of these songs are listed as remakes they have been featured in Smash Bros. for 3ds so there aren’t exactly new. Other song are ripped straight from their source material unaltered.

New songs(Remix):                                                                                                                

Listed in order: Mario Paint medley (Mario Paint), Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive! medley (Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive!) and Nintendo Land Medley(Nintendo Land).

And if the new character and stage aren’t enough, I’m going to take a look at the Mii costumes. This time I’ll look at the gunners. This pack includes three: Isabelle from Animal Crossing, MegaMan.EXE from MegaMan Battle Network and the Inklings from Splatoon.

The Inkling costume comes with a wig that changes appearance depending on the gender of the Mii just like in Splatoon and the color of the gun and ink also changes to orange for girls and blue for boys. The costume looks great and the option to wear an Inkling Squid on your head is adorable. MegaMan.EXE’s costume look amazing too. It’s authentic and I never knew about the backpack .EXE had. I also like the hair that sticks out the back. I can’t wait to see every variation of Megaman as a costume. However the Isabelle outfit look really bad and forced. It kinda looks like you killed and skinned Isabelle and decided to wear its skin. Creepy. The party popper as a weapon feels as if they couldn’t find any sword-like object to give her. I don’t know much about Isabelle but it feels like they’re trying to push her for SummerSlam too hard. It feels forced and looks really bad.

mii gunnerMegaMan and Inklings look great. Isabelle, not so much. It looks like the Mii is like “AARRHHGGG, her flesh is now bound to mine. Behold as I absorb her powers”


Overall Lucas is a character most people won’t play unless they really like Ness, The Miiverse stage has some decent music and good design but the places is spoiler central at the moment and I doubt it will ever change. It a good stage but I would say: play a your own risk, and the gunner costumes look great a are pretty cool except for Isabelle which looks like a skinned Shih Tzu. It’s a niche character, an okay if not “dangerous” stage and for 2/3 great costumes. This is only the first of three parts so stay tuned for those. I want to thank these wonderful booty smashin bros.: Lander, the big-dick G of this site, Shmon from Smashplay, Kurisu_kun4: may your jimmies be rustled forever and the online Smash community except for X. I have never seen such an arrogant but terrible smash player in my life.

Next up: Roy, DreamLand and the Sword Fighter costumes.

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