Indie Corner: Funk of Titans

Funk of Titans is a strange Indie game that reshapes ancient Greek mythology. In this reality, the titans wanted absolute power over the humans. In order to achieve this, they control the humans thanks to music. The titan of pop, rap and rock managed to transform the humans into mindless music listing zombies. It’s up to Perseus to stop those titans and rescue the faith of humanity. Sounds thrilling but it actually isn’t that exciting.

What is it?

Funk of Titans released on other platforms a while back but it’s out in Europe for Wii U starting this week. It comes at a small price and can be found in the eShop but is it worth your time? Well, as said in the introduction, the story of the game is rather weird but it works. It enabled the developers to create something different, it’s not something you’ve seen that much before. The game uses a cell-shaded engine, allowing bright colors to really stand out. The only shame is that you aren’t really controlling the game.


The entire game is controlled with two buttons, one to jump, one to attack. It plays like a ‘Temple runner’ but is divided into small levels. This means that the character will start running at the start of every level and will only stop if an enemy or obstacle hits him. It’s a shame that this ‘endless runner’ mechanism is used for this game. It takes away the freedom of discovering the level and it simply makes the game far too easy.

Where’s the challenge? 

Since you only have to use two buttons, it’s never hard to reach the end of the level. Knowing that there’s a total of around forty levels isn’t improving the feeling of boredom while playing. It isn’t hard to reach the end since the game literally takes you there. Timing your jumps and attacks can go wrong from time to time but most of the time you’ll reach the end without breaking a sweat. So where is the challenge?


Well, some can be found in collecting the golden vinyl records. These can be found in the entire level and allow you to unlock new costumes or weapons. Most of them are placed as breadcrumbs, meaning that you’ll automatically collect them if you time your jumping and attacking right. Others are hidden in the level and need some precise jumping to get. It’s challenging for sure but the reward for collecting them all is too small to really keep you going.

The Pegasus mini-game 

A bit harder to find is the Pegasus head. You can find one on every level and it unlocks a mini-game at the end of it. This mini-game only uses one button, the A-button. By pushing and releasing this button at the right time, you can fly your way trough the bonus level using the Pegasus head. The goal is to go as far as possible and to collect as many golden vinyl records while you’re at it. It’s fun the first couple of times but it gets boring fast. It suffers from the same single button boredom as the regular mode.

Beat the titans

This brings us to the last section of the game, beating the titans. This uses a total of four buttons and is by far the most ‘advanced’ of the game. Defeating the titans comes with some great music but the actual gameplay fails to impress. By successfully completing quick-timed-events you’ll be able to take down the titan. It all comes to pushing the buttons at the right time. Again, we feel like things could have been worked out way better than just this.

The Good: The Bad:
+ Looks good – Too easy
+ Interesting setting – No variation
+ Good for short sessions – No innovation

All in all we can say that Funk of Titans isn’t a bad game, it looks good and it plays as it should but it lacks challenge. Thanks to this, it isn’t a game that you’ll be playing for a long time to come. Before you think about buying this, you’ll need to wonder if you would miss out on something special if you didn’t. Our opinion? You wouldn’t miss out on anything special. If you’re looking for a ‘Temple runner’ with a weird setting, this is a game you should consider getting.

Score: 3 out of 5


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