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News: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate animated short and new screens

It’s Comic Con time and that means there’s a lot of comic and movie news to be found on the internet.

Aside of Comics and Movies Ubisoft managed to promote Syndicate during the show as well.

Pop Mhan, a Lucasfilm-certified comic book artist made a special animated short for the Comic Con. This short shows you more of the life during the Industrial Revolution in London:

That’s not all however. Ubisoft also revealed some new screenshots and artwork of the game. Those feature our new heroes Jacob and Evie and the gang of course. Check it out:

assassins_creed_syndicate-13 assassins_creed_syndicate-14 assassins_creed_syndicate-15 assassins_creed_syndicate-16 assassins_creed_syndicate-17 assassins_creed_syndicate-18 assassins_creed_syndicate-19 assassins_creed_syndicate-3 assassins_creed_syndicate-4 assassins_creed_syndicate-6 assassins_creed_syndicate-7 assassins_creed_syndicate-8 assassins_creed_syndicate-1 assassins_creed_syndicate-12

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