ken reveal

News: Ken’s back and looking different in Street Fighter 5.

The blonde shoto clone returns to rise up against his foes. However he seems a little bit different this time around.

He’s got banana hair. This new version is radically different but that’s not a bad thing, at least until they fix his face a little and make his hair a bit nicer.

Other than that this keen look nuts. As far as I have seen he runs instead of dashing like Spinal. However it looks way faster and crazier than Spinal which is really weird to say. His V-Trigger(which is the best thing ever rigth behind instinct mode) is called Heat Rush which enhances all his special moves.

And once again inconsistency strikes as this trailer does have a teaser for the next character unlike the previous one. People are speculating if this is Akuma, Honda or a new character. I think it’s the latter but if it was a redesign I would say this is Blanka. But it’s not. It’s a new fighter.

Here is the reveal and the tease:

I usually just leave it at the trailer but you got to see these matches they look like so much fun:

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