blze it

News: There is going to be a Pokken stream tomorrow. Blaziken confirmed.

Blaziken was shown as Lucario’s opponent in the original concept trailer. Not much is known but apparently Blaziken will be released somewhere in august. WATCH OUT BLAZIKEN. YOU ARE TOO BIG FOR THAT SLIDE.

Tomorrow The team behind the game will do a Nico Nico stream showing the game on release day.

We will probably see the reveal trailer for Blaziken and another character. Some more characters might be shown to but I doubt it. With Blaziken releasing after the game coming out it’s pretty clear that just like Tekken 7 we will see more character as time goes on.

I’m going to place a link to the stream down here to for all of those who want to follow the reveals live:

It starts at:

10AM UK time

2AM pacific.

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