Preview: Demetrios: The BIG Cynical Adventure

The Point & Click Adventure games were big once but nowadays it seems like nobody wants to make those gems anymore. Nobody except the new Indie developer CowCat, located in France. Cowcat has an ambitious plan; the one-man company wants to bring back Point & Click in a new way. Time to jump in Demetrios: The BIG Cynical Adventure!

The cynical story

As you might know, the story plays a crucial role in Point & Click games. Without a good story, there’s simply no fun at clicking your way trough the adventure. We’ve played the first chapter of Demetrios and were already convinced that this story will keep you motivated while playing. You play Bjorn Thonen, an antique seller that got robbed during the past night. Waking up in his apartment, the first thing he wants to do is find clues that will lead him towards the criminal.


Sounds like a rather straightforward story but the narrative is strong on cynical comments. The conversations between characters are filled with cynical comments to make things light and funny to read. Bjorn himself is also a great guy. When you look for clues; Bjorn will inform you about the objects you’re investing and he does that with a lot of sarcasm. It’s great to have a Point & Click Adventure that keeps the story light but interesting. The dialogue is strong and gets updated by the developer until the release of the game early 2016. The things we’ve seen and read until now look very promising for the future of Demetrios.

You’re not alone

While you start your adventure alone in the shoes of Bjorn, he’ll get help of his friendly neighbor Sandra later on in the game. The interaction and chemistry between these two ‘anti-heroes’ works surprisingly well. It allows the gamer to really step into the shoes of both characters. You’re not playing as a gifted investor; you’re playing with characters that know as much as you do. Finding the secrets together works well, especially thanks to the interaction of the characters.

This first chapter didn’t reveal that much but we already feel the mystery lurking around the corner. We’re sure we’ll end up in very mysterious adventures in the other chapters of the game. This first episode offers a nice introduction to the mechanics but the real story still waits in the full game later on.

Great Point & Click mechanics

So as far as the story and characters go, it’s safe to say that Demetrios is hitting the right spot. But what about the Point & Click mechanics? Well we can be rather short on this; the mechanics behind the game are great. By pointing on objects you’ll see what if has to hide. If it hides nothing you’ll read the commentary of the characters but some object hide important objects to advance in the story. These vary from keys, batteries, flashlights and more.

In order to solve some of the puzzles, you’ll need to find the right tools and find the right way of using them. This is the big power of the game. Finding the right clues and objects in order to solve the puzzle. It gives you a feeling of satisfaction if it works and that’s the point of the game if you ask us.


Thanks to the handy hotspots, you’ll always know which object offers interaction, a great feature in a Point & Click Adventure. This way you won’t click on useless objects, every object of interest is indicated by another color to keep things clear for the gamer.

The last mechanic, are the tool bars, there’s one on the top, including special items such as your cellphone and then there’s one on the button. The bar on the button features all the items you’ve found so you can figure out how to use them in the level you’re in.

Great art style

This brings us to the last point we would like to discuss so far, the graphics. Everything in Demetrios is hand-painted and it truly looks incredible. The environments and characters are painted with a lot of details and bright colors to really bring everything to life. The same goes for the storytelling. This game is told with the help of interactive comic panels. It reads like a comic filled with fun sound effects and animated paintings. Thanks to the hand-painted style this game really stands out and offers something else than games we’ve seen in the past.


Early conclusion

The things we’ve seen and played are looking very good and promising. The foundation of the game is already there. The story and characters both are great so we’re sure a lot of gamers will want to step into the shoes of Bjorn. The same goes for the great art style, which is really appealing. Since this was only the first chapter there’s some work to be done. The main thing that needs to be fixed is the music, some levels didn’t feature a lot of background music and that’s a shame. The developer is currently still working hard on the game so we’re sure the release will fix this. We can’t wait to play the full version!

Want to try out the game? Ask for a demo on the official site here.

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