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Analysis: Smash Bros. E3 update Part 2-Roy(our boy),Dream Land(N64) and Mii Sword Fighter costumes.

The old Roy is back and people are going nuts about it. But is another Marth clone a good idea? Well this time he might be a bit more than a clone.

First off let me just say that while I don’t hate Roy I do have a dislike for the people playing him. I think this summarizes my thoughts about Roy:


Marth Players: Lucina Players: Roy Players:
Marth players Lucina players Roy players

It’s probably because literally every Roy player I played back in the day was embarrassing. They have roughly the same tools to work with as Marth players, who as you might know, make it look like an art. When good Marth players play, it makes you look at bewilderment as they usually stomp you into the ground or even when you win it was still a delight seeing them in action. Roy player just seem awkward using their flare blade(neutral special) as an edge-guard or just randomly throw out Blazers(up special) like there’s no tomorrow. But now that Roy plays differently I’ve seen a lot of better players with him ,however the awkward players still remain. Well with that little rant out of the way let’s talk about Roy.

Roy is from the Fire Emblem series and he was in Melee but didn’t make the cut for Brawl. He was a fan favorite in Melee for a lot of people and as I said before I didn’t have to many good memory of him. And when he got announced I was disappointed that we got another clone. However not only did he get a slight visual overhaul and some amazing new colors(seriously some of the best) but he also plays slightly differently. Is he still a clone? Yes, however I think these slight changes make me appreciate him so much more. Again slight changes but overall I don’t mind his inclusion and he’s way more fun. How much fun. Well I like him the most of all the Marth clones. So with that said let’s get into it.

Roy has some of the best colors any characters has had in the game. They’re all so colorful and stylish.


Overall Like Mewtwo, Roy has been buffed all around. Let’s get over changes Roy has compared to his old incarnation and Marth and Lucina. first of he has a new neutral normal ( neutral a). Instead of doing a two slice combo Roy does one that can actually be combo’ed into up close up to 40% and at higher percentages it only slightly launches the opponent allowing for an easy follow-up like the dash attack. His dash attack is also very different. His dash attack is different in that I like to use it as one of his main tools. It hits hard launches and is an actual kill-able move that can kill at 145% from mid-screen if you actually can get your opponent that high because Roy can kill fairly early on.

His up tilt, while different in animation, is relatively the same but does way more damage than Marth’s up tilt. One of his greatest move I feel is his side tilt. While his side smash is good, it’s, in my experience,fairly easy to avoid. Side tilt seems powerful and fast. I feel like it’s a safer move that while not as strong allows for easy kills. If his side tilt doesn’t kill at a high enough percentage it will be enough to launch to opponent allowing you to finnish them off with a well-timed forward back or down areal.

His down areal is now taken straight from Ike. This does a lot to make him actually feel different from both Marth and Lucina. It’s a good spike and feels satisfying. His up smash is great. I haven’t used it as much as I could but it’s great. It starts of dealing a lot of damage ending with an explosion that kills at a fairly low percentage. It’s a really good move that can be used against some opponents that like to use divekick moves or ground pound moves like Bowser’s Bowser Bomb(down special) or Toon Link’s down areal. As all other Marth-like and in Melee his down tilt is a good poke to stop dashing opponents from getting in. Another upgraded move of Roy is his Blazer(up special). It seems to have armor at the start which I didn’t have much use for but I can imagery you can throw out from the ground so it might be really safe to use.

One thing that makes Roy’s Blazer so good is that you can now slightly aim it to go more sideways which is good since his side doesn’t let him float anymore(that didn’t stop me from trying again and again though). It also seems like there’s more startup for Roy’s Flare Blade(neutral special). It’s nothing mayor but it does mean you have to adapt just a tiny bit. Now for some fairly reliable follow-ups. These aren’t Combos because as a combo suggests opponents can get out of it but a lot of opponents cant seem to get out of these as easily. Start with a grab and throw down. When the opponent bounces you can follow-up with either an up tilt or a Blazer. The Blazer does more damage but in early percentages his up tilt is as close to a true combo as it comes. Also depending on the character you can do your down throw then up tilt followed up by a Blazer for maximum damage. again this isn’t guaranteed but a lot of people have trouble getting out of this link because the timing is short so try to do the extended down throw, up tilt, blazer “combo” if you can early on. His up tilt works up to 20% and his Blazer seems to work for a lot longer so make use of this. Another thing that might be something is his throw forward followed by blade dance. i seem to have mixed success so it’s up to you to find out if it’s a thing. So overall I feel like Roy’s most important moves are his dash attack, his down tilt and his side smash or tilt. Blazer is also very reliable. And that’s what I got out of Roy. He easily my favorite of the Marth-likes. The insignificant startup and punish on his moves help him feel just as he should feel: The relative speed of Marth and a weight closer to Ike. Roy is a lot of fun and the more casual players who either play Marth or Lucina will want to switch to Roy. Combine that with some of the best colors a character could have and you got yourself a great new addition.

roy 2
Out of all of them Roy is the most fun to use and probably the best competitively.


Dreamland (N64) is back in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS making brawl the only game without it. Dreamland (N64) is a fan favorite with the competitive players for it being a lot like Battlefield but a bit larger. Wispy Wood is also there to ruin your day but his wind gusts aren’t that strong compared to Melee. And even there it’s not so bad. It’s a fairly nice looking stage tough I would have liked it if they upgraded it and made it look all nice and new and stuff. When Project M has a nicer version of your main high-budget paid DLC you need to step it up. Aside from that the stage looks the same as it has ever looked and it looks good. The music is great you got the classic Dream land theme(gourmet race N64) and Melee’s Fountain Of Dreams theme which sound great but this time around you also get a few new songs. The World To Win, Planet Popstar, Forest stage and my favorite: Ice Cream Island. The stage looks great and while the old songs sound great it’s the new ones taking the spotlight.

green greens
        The classic stage is back and while the same as always that’s what makes it great.
This my favorite song on the stage It just tugs my nostalgia strings. It’s also the only Remix for this stage. Ice Cream Island(remix)(3ds/Wii U).

Old songs:

Listed to in order: Gourmet Race(N64)(Super Smash Bros.), Fountain Of Dreams(Super Smash Bros. Melee), Planet Popstar(Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards), Forest Stage(Kirby Air Ride), The World To Win(Kirby: Triple Deluxe)

As for the Sword-fighter costumes DLC well… There’s only one. BUT IT’S THE SICKEST OF THEM ALL. It’s Zero baby. Yes the MegaMan X cool guy now also has a costume in the game. Ever since they announced the Mii DLC costumes I have been waiting for this one. Zero is cool. His costume looks cool. And in this game it look kinda chubby BUT STILL PRETTY FREAKING COOL. It’s only one costume but it’s easily the best(with the exception of maybe one other costume). So it’s easy to talk about the costumes in general since it’s only one but it looks pretty dope so yeah.

zero smash
Just look at this bad-ass. this chubby bad-ass.


And that’s part two right on time. Right? Anyway It’s good to play on Dream Land(N64) again as it was always more fun to play on than Battlefield I feel. As for Roy. He’s the most fun he’s ever been and the most fun of all the Marth-likes. He plays similar to Marth but with a heavy feeling to his moves. And with some of the best colors any character has gotten Roy is one fabulous dude. And F*ck YEAH ZERO. My thanks goes out to the Chief Lander, Kurisu_kun4, the guys at SmashPlay: Schmon, Silverdude179 , DrakeFang and the online Smash community.

Last up are: Ryu, Suzaku Castle and the Brawler costumes.

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