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Gamescom 2015:Call Of Duty Black ops 3

Call Of Duty Titanfallfare?

Nope, not even close.

Another year, another Call Of Duty. I don’t hate the series like most people but I can see the glaring problems with the games after trying them. Just like every Call Of Duty, this one has some serious problems. When the first multiplayer trailer was shown people seemed to just go “oh this is Titanfall but without the mechs” and while Black Ops 3 has those mechanics ripped straight out of Titanfall it doesn’t change or design the game to these fast paced new mechanics. Titanfall battles are not only fast but also fought on multiple levels. This wouldn’t be a problem if Treyarch at least tried do make the maps multi leveled or have some spots to use these new moves. However that is not the case as most of the maps are designed as if it was for the original Black Ops or Modern Warfare. Titanfall feels to some degree like a faster Call Of Duty however the speed has not been matched to make it feel right. When you start to wall-run it feels stiff and faster than when you walk or run on the ground. It feels like there is a big disconnection between these two mechanics, but the most important part is that except for me I didn’t see anyone do it since there seems to be no incentive to use it. Again none of the maps I played are as far as I found need for the wall-run.

Then there is the jet pack. there were several spots where I tried to jet pack over cliffs or other things only to be stopped by invisible walls. The jet pack itself isn’t bad but again it seems, for what I played, the developers didn’t put time into making these mechanics work for these maps. The maps, despite not being designed to the new gameplay, are really cool. I really liked the map where you’re on a tropical resort. On one point on the map I was inside a hotel or something like it and there was a small fountain. I decided to jump in the small fountain only to find a whole underwater section which leaded to an opening in a cave behind a waterfall. While swimming to that spot I got to fight two other enemies and that was really fun. Not only was that map really cool, it had some almost Doom or Marathon-like exploring so that was fun.

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As far as design goes I’d like to give Treyach props (as I usually do) for the creative art they made. When you start a match you get to choose your character which is new and gives you some cool attributes. But when I was at the character select screen (it’s really weird to say that; like what is this; Goldeneye?) I got to see the ability description with the character art on the background. While looking at the background art I just tough to myself “this doesn’t look like Call Of Duty. It looks like Killzone art or Horizon Art” It looks really cool. Considering Call Of Duty is usually restricted to realistic modern designs. So it’s cool to see them do something more crazy.

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I would like to talk a bit more about the characters before I go. I played the first match as a robot (called Reaper). Like a real robot… in Call Of Duty. Now we have seen a few thing like it but nothing really as crazy as this. The Reaper; not only looked cool like most of the characters, he (again as most do) had a cool ability that you could use when your meter filled. The Reaper’s ability was to sent holographic clones. another ability I used was by a Ruin who jumped in the air and did some sort of ground pound with what I only can describe as a jammer spike. It sent out an explosive wave . Another ability I saw was a bow and arrow. These characters are really cool and allow for some more depth and strategy than other Call Of Duties allow.


When I walked away from the game I thought “yeah its Call Of Duty” People who like Call Of Duty are going to enjoy this. The new mechanics are used really badly and I wanted to say that I didn’t like the game but now looking back at things like the cool maps and the crazy characters I am getting excited again. I know the multiplayer will be broken as all hell but those characters and maps are really starting to convince me again.

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