cities skyline after dark

Gamescom 2015: Cities Skylines: After Dark.

Cities Skylines is doing very well. With good sales, amazing reception and a great modding community It doesn’t seem like Cities Skylines is stopping the hype-train for anything or anybody. 

Cities Skylines is a big building sim game with some deep mechanics. And here comes the first DLC expansion for the game called After Dark. An update will add a day and night cycle for free but the DLC adds way more than that. Bikes, a day and night cycle, leisure specialization and expanded city services are some of the new features that will come to the game.


But first, what is Cities Skylines? Well, it’s a city simulator like well uhhh… Sim City. However it goes into way more detail than Sim City ever did. And even though it doesn’t have Bowser or tornadoes it’s a way better game than the last Sim City will ever be. You build a city consisting out of three districts commercial, residential and industrial. The commercial district is for places people go shopping, eating and other stuff. The Residential area is where your residents(Duhh) live. And then lastly is the industrial district which provides the city with electricity and other energy sources. Finding a balance between these districts and other things like traffic and crime is that name of the game.


With a day and night cycle comes the day and night routines that the people undertake. When nightfall hits traffic will go slower and presumably more pedestrians go out to go to things like nightclubs, bars, ect.So managing during the night will be a whole new feature to take on and a new challenge. This will be free to all users and will come as an update sometime around or at the same time as the DLC release. Just on a side note: The cities look cool during the day but they look so much cooler during the night.

From now on you can make commercial area focus on some leisure activities. And while they work the same as other commercial districts they are more busy during the night again meaning that the night adds a lot more thought and carefully planing to your cities running(majoring)? Things like nightclubs, bars and other such stuff will be added to the core game.

Another thing being added is called Beach specialization. It means that all Beachside commercial areas like bars, restaurants and fishing tours  can now specialize in beach activities.

However what to me looked like the biggest addition were bikes. Bikes reduce pedestrian traffic but need dedicated lanes so there’s that.

Cities Skylines is a big and impressive game with a strong and dedicated community.  There is no doubt the game has a bright future and with the game coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 plus the DLC there will be enough to do for a long time.

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