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Gamescom 2015: Divinity Original Sin Enhanched Edition.

I heard about the game and that it’s good, but HOLY SHIT I didn’t know it was this amazing.Divinity Original Sin Has some crazy things going on with its combat. The combat is some kind of Ruth Goldberg machine. During the presentation the devs showed the character breaking a barrel with oil then they set the oil on fire only to douse the flames with rain and then electrocuting the enemies who stand in the pool of water with an electricity spell. Jesus that’s nuts. during the combat there are several options like this and I can’t wait to see more nuts things like these. So the combat looks amazing but that’s not all.


While some of your characters are in combat you can sent other characters to shops and such to collect potions and other items to aid your companions. You can also scout out people who can help you make your quest easier. For instance in our presentation three characters were fighting a big robot and one of the other character went out to the town to find the creator, got arrested, escaped by creating a slug monster in the cell and then swapped her body with the guard so she could walk out while the guard got eaten by the slug. Than the character found the creator gets a dialogue tree and obtains a remote for the robot.

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So again holy crap is that a lot of stuff.

The Enhanced Edition brings fully voiced dialogue to a game with more than 8000 sentences so that’s impressive too. Also new are some tweaks that made it easier. Apparently a lot of the player complained about the stealth in a very specific area where you can only stealth-kill but it was not shown in-game how and when you needed to do this. Now the devs added an icon that appears behind the opponent so that you know where to stand for a stealth kill. Another thing, that to me is impressive, is that Divinity will have Co-op on consoles. While this sounds cool it’s crazier than it sounds. While one player is going around in the town the other can fight enemies at the other side of the map and all running at a locked frame rate(might even be 60 but I don’t remember) and that’s mighty impressive. But you want to hear the best part? Those who own the PC version will get the update for free. And that’s a lot of new stuff.


Divinity: Original Sin will release on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC by Larian Studios


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