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Gamescom 2015: Lego Marvel Avengers

Lego Marvel Avengers seems to be generally the same as  it’s predecessor but that’s not a bad thing.  Lego Marvel is still fun and has some cool characters and mechanics even if it’s incredibly hard for a children’s game.

Lego releases a game every year. However to keep things from getting stale the Lego games take different I.P.’s. Sometimes however we get a sequel which seems to improve the core mechanics and while I haven’t played any previous Lego game in-depth I feel like from What I’ve seen this game while still improving it feels more recycled than other games.

lego avengers 2

The game itself still plays great and is very fun even though I feel like it was a bit too hard considering it’s originally a kids game. The devs had to almost literally hold everyone’s hands and guide our hips in the rather difficult hole that is Lego Marvel Avengers. And it’s not just this game. The previous Lego Marvel game was very difficult to figure out. Other than that the game is still fun and a lot of the characters feel different. some characters got some nice upgrades like the hulk getting his crazy jump. The game is made with love as the devs put obscure characters and neat little references and homages. Props to the Stan Lee character who while just and Iron Man skin is really charming and fun to see.

lego avengers 3

The game looks nice and has some very colorful environments. And while I understand that they want the movie authenticity I really don’t like the sound clips they took from the movie. It just sounds muffled and bad. Other than that it looks good.

lego marvel 2

I don’t really know what else to say, it’s a Lego game. If you like the Lego games you will love this one. if you don’t well this won’t convince you. Nothing more to say about it. The game is coming out in 2016 on just about every console out now.


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