Gamescom 2015: Pillars of Eternity – The White March

You want to continue playing Baldur’s Gate? Love a deep and smart RPG? Well Pillars Of Eternity is certainly worth picking up.

Pillars Of Eternity is a spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate trough and trough. It’s a heavy RPG experience which any fan of the genre will be sure to appreciate if not love. And with Obsidian, the main go-to guys for RPGs, you know you’re getting a solid game. Pillars Of Eternity is getting DLC which I would call more of an expansion pack. It adds new characters like a weird Monk who’s pretty out of it and more interesting is a serial killer whose soul, after her execution, has been bound to a robot body. Because of that she doesn’t get to equip armor since her “body” is armor itself. Other than that being a frickin cool idea for a character.

pillars 3

Most stuff will come for free in an update. For instance the game will  get an A.I. behavior system which let’s you set up your character’s behavior in combat. But if you want you can take control at any point. Stealth has been improved as well. Now when one member gets spotted you party won’t be forced out of stealth mode. Two new indicators have been added: one is the range indicator which shows what range your spells and abilities have. The second indicator is an accuracy indicator which shows the accuracy of your move above the enemy. The expansion will also raise the level-cap and add new abilities.


This is my first time being exposed to the game. I have heard someone talked about the game, praising it and saying it was amazing but seeing it in action I understand he was underselling it. Man this game not only looks cool and old-school. It just looks like an adventure. Pillars is an real-time (but with a pause option)RPG in which you can go as far as I’ve seen up to 6 other characters. Multiple dialogue options are also a thing as they should be in a game like this. Combat looks fun and exhilarating and the art looks amazing. Pillars of Eternity looks like one of those sadly underrated but amazing experiences that sadly a lot of people will miss but shouldn’t. I just also discovered that Pillars has a big-head mode and that is so sick. So for fans of RPGs and big head modes go get this.

Pillars Of Eternity’s DLC “The White March” will be available on PC but a release date has not yet been announced.

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