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Gamescom 2015: Super Dungeon bros.

Go explore dungeons with your bros, beat enemies and be a huge dick if you want to.

When I saw Super Dungeons Bros. for the first time during a conference I wasn’t impressed. But since I got to touch the game at Gamescom my mind has been turned around considerably. While there is some stuff going on and the co-op has the potential to be great goofy fun I feel like it’s missing a few things to engage me personally. This of course is only my opinion as I can see a lot of people having a blast and playing it with friends laughing and goofing around. It’s going to be one of THOSE games and I mean that in the best possible way.

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The game is a Co-op dungeon crawler in which you play as one of four bros. The bros all play the same but they all have a different character so pretty soon you’ll be picking your favorite to go. The differences in gameplay lies within the weapons as these give your character different powers and abilities. There were two melee weapons(sword and hammer) and two ranged weapons(crossbow and staff) from what I got to play. The game at first seemed easy. Like to easy. However after a while hordes became almost unmanageable and the boss was to hard for me to beat with three other players. Add to that that you can throw your friends to their deaths and you got a game where you can be a dick in the same way you could off with New Super Mario Bros.


The game looks good with a torchlight-esque flair to them and a lot of bright neon like colors. It looks very nice and is visually appealing. What doesn’t work as well however is the sound. While it’s hard to hear on an open booth but amidst all the noise on the booth I can hear a few sound effects and dialogue being repeated to frequently. While I didn’t hear that much some sounds where enough for me to think “Yeah if I was playing this at home I would be annoyed”.


The game is a great co-op game that many will certainly enjoy a lot however it’s not my kind of game. But that shouldn’t keep you from trying out the game when you can. Super Dungeon Bros. has the potential to be an amazing co-op dungeon crawler.

Super Dungeon Bros. is made by React games and is coming to Xbox one, Playstation 4 and PC

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