Gamescom 2015: The Feud

You like X-Com? You like the wild west? Well there you go that basically what you’re getting with The Feud. What? You thought X-Com was okay? You don’t like the wild west setting? Well there’s something wrong with you

The feud takes two great concepts and blends then together for what looks to be an amazing game. The people who played X-Com will feel right ta home in this game. The people who don’t know, think similar gameplay elements from Fire Emblem. Still don’t know? Uhhg… fine.

The feud is a strategy RPG in which you take control of a group of characters (In this case the legends of the wild west) and requires you to on by one move these units to spots and kill the enemy. Think chess but the pawns shoot each other and yell YEEEEHHHAAAWWW.

Things arent that easy however your characters placement is crucial to secure victory. things like critical hit percentage,placement and the attributes your character is decked in are all deciding factors that decide the outcome of battle.These game usually are RPG’s to the core with all the stats and gear you need to check up on.

In this regard The Feud certainly didn’t skimp on any of that. When you look at the game you can see a full-blooded RPG made by people who care and know RPG’s.


So what does The Feud Have going on that X-Com doesn’t? Well there are a few things.

One of which is what is called a Standoff. When  the sun starts setting two character can settle it once and for all by doing a draw at sunset. During these you need to time when to shoot. You might kill a opponent but at the same time he might of hit you to and critically wound you. So there is still a considerable risk to it. And this also shows the passion behind the setting as the people at Galaxy Pest Control  have put in a lot of tropes, clichés homages and references to not only the wild west historic moments in time but also western movies. The main plot is based on or inspired by the real life events surrounding Hatfield-McCoy feud. This gives Galaxy Pest Control a good opportunity to include characters like Butch Cassidy or Jesse James.


And while your characters stay alive when he or she falls on the battlefield (unlike X-Com) your guns-for-hire will die for real.The guns-for-hire while not plot related at all has a great mechanic similar to the one found Darkest Dungeon. While you can hire guns to help you out all of them have random character traits like alcoholism or a very treasons nature. So while these character are faceless and expendable you feel like you have a personal reason to keep them alive.


This is an RPG trough and trough. People who like X-Com will certainly get their fill from the feud if they haven’t had their fill yet.

There is no release date yet for The Feud but stay tuned for more info as it comes out.

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