Gamescom 2015: The Mandate.

The mandate is a crazy ambitious game. Developer Perihelion Interactive takes inspiration from Tv series like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Firefly. It wants to do a lot of creative and interesting stuff and the way things are going they will more than deliver on that promise.The Mandate set out to be a game where the crew is the most important part of the game. As captain of the ship you get to walk around, talk and interact with your crew. The people who inhabit the ship all have something to say and as a captain you influence their lives deciding the shift hours and other things that will influence the morale of the crew. You might be the captain but that doesn’t make you the only commander of the ship. Running a ship is not something one man can do alone so it’s up to you to select your commanders and assign them to specific parts of the crew. Your crew can gain experience and levels to become better officers, however your crew can also die and when they die they are gone(at least on some difficulties). This shows how The Mandate is planning to do some really ambitions stuff.


The Mandate wants you to make the game your own unique experience. Create your own captain, ship and starbase. As the ship is important you can equip it with what you want and make your ship your own. With your ship you can explore the farthest reaches of space. But space is inhabited by a lot of dangers. Pirates, aliens and other ships are some of the main threats to your ship. You can try to settle things peacefully or you can engage in combat. Fighting with your ship is a bit faster than light or what I presume is like Eve Online. However you can also breach a ship or defend your ship from breaching. The breaching section of the game plays differently. Kinda like an RTS only with a small crew. You don’t need to engage personally. You can let one of your officers deal with the breach because even when breaching the battle between the two ships still goes on.


The Mandate while still in early development is looking like a big and crazy ambitious game. With customize-ability of your captain’ ship and base you can make your playthrough unique and fit specially for you.

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