Gamescom: hands- on Guitar Hero Live

We had the pleasure to get our hands on Activision’s next music game “Guitar Hero Live”. Finally the popular music game has come back in a new and revitalized arcade game. The gamer becomes the guitarist of one of the most modern rock bands such as Fall out Boy, Blink 182, Panic! At the disco but you’ll also be joining old school rockbands such as Boston, Royal Blood, In Flames, etc. The rockstar within you will soon be awakened with this popular music game and here’s our thoughts!

Everybody knows Guitar Hero, the game where you take your awesome fake guitar controller and rock out in the living room. The rush to be the best of everyone in the online community is a feeling we all know. The game pushed you to perform at your best since the digital crowd wasn’t easy to convince. And when that solo came on… IT WAS ALL OR NOTHING! These feelings nagged at the center part of my brain when i actually played it. Feelings of excitement, competition, enjoyment, … and other feelings i couldn’t quite explain. I really didn’t expect i missed the game so much since i was actually glad that they stopped producing the game for a while. It was always the same with no new features. The latest version had me thinking it was just another reboot and they didn’t change anything… well i was wrong. It’s the little things they tweaked that made it new and exciting as the first guitar hero.

First thing i noticed were the 6 buttons on top of the guitar controller. They weren’t lined up as previous guitars and there weren’t different colors. It’s been remade, much smarter and classic. The 6 lined- up buttons are transformed in 3 button on top of another 3 buttons. They speak about the top line and the bottom line. The bottom line are the white actions on the screen and the top line are the black actions on the screen. This setting of buttons is more preferable than the previous guitars since your fingers don’t have to move that far. It hurts in the beginning but i’m sure of it that we’ll get used to it.

Second thing which made me smile was the digital crowd. The crowd and your band includes only real life persons and they also react on your performance. If you perform bad, the band members start getting agitated while the crowd isn’t dancing, they’re yelling, … It really gives you a better feeling of “realness” while playing the guitar. Another thing i really liked was the fact that bands consist out of unknown persons but they “sing” the song like it’s there own song.

The interface is the same as previous games but it has been modernised. You still have to press your button at the right moment, you can still get a boost when you activate your star power, you can get a note streak to earn more points… The menu screen is really simple and it really works. It’s easy to get into the game and start playing. You can change the difficulty at any time you want to and continue your session or just start over with the new difficulty setting.

Before playing a song, you can choose to play live or TV. Live mode is performing your song with “real life” people while the TV mode is performing the song with the videoclip in the background. It’s up to you! Just like any other game, you’ll be able to team- up with another gamer to go head to head or perform a song together as a team while another gamer sings the lyrics of the song. All scores are being uploaded to a leaderboard, so you’ll see how you perform against other players.

The game will launch with 100 songs but at release not all games will be “direct” available. Some songs will need to be unlocked by playing different songs. The game will be supported with other DLC songs. I really liked the game and only with 2 sessions of playing the guitar.  The only thing i would like to see a bit tweaked is the bar where your chords need to match because it seemed a bit off. Time to blow off the dust of my guitar hero on Xbox 360 and start training for the next guitar hero game.

If you want to see the full track list, click here!