Gamescom: preview Lost Horizon 2

Today at Deep Silver business booth, we familiarized with an old school and yet exciting game, namely Lost Horizon 2. Lost Horizon 2 the sequel to Lost Horizon and it’s a point & click adventure where gamers take on the role  of Fenton Paddock in the 1940’s and onwards to the 50’s. This  British soldier lost his family and he’ll do anything  to save his family from these powerful enemies, even if he has to go far beyond the iron curtain and into uncharted lands to face these dark forces from the past. 

The Lost Horizon game was very known for its adventerous point & click genre in the past but it has been 5 years since we’ve actually heard of this old game before they announced Lost Horizon 2. The game has a lot of capacity to become one of the more popular click & point games, but this doesn’t come without any effort. They try to stand out by adding some new features to the game so it has a more modern look.

One of the new features is the possibility to manipulate objects in the world. For example: You use a key to open  the door and it would automatically unlock in the previous game. Now you have to take out the key and put it into the keyhole. Turn the key around to open the door and use the doorknob to go through. Another example is the use of a radio where you have to turn different buttons to match your frequenties to solve a certain puzzle.

Normally the gameplay of this typical genre is about running around, find clues and materials (  which you can use) to solve the next obstacle. They try to spice things up by switching between gameplay modes. The first “mode” is a sneak/ hide sequence. For example, you have to climb alongside a wall but you can’t be seen by the enemy soldiers. These soldiers peek over the wall to spot an “intruder”. You’ll have to avoid these spotters in order for you to be succesful. You’ll probably get the picture.

The second sequence is a kind of exploration mode. Most of the time the environment is small and linear but other places are bigger and offer you a chance to explore the environment. You won’t find other ways into a chambre but you’ll find more information or usefil items. The last mode is the puzzle mode. You’ll get stuck in an area and you’ll have to use your brains and insight to get out.

The next feature is the workbench. In Lost Horizon 1, you already had the chance to combine 2 items but now you can use more than 3 items for a combination. This combination can be formed in your workbench.

The last feature is actually a good help for players who enjoy playing the game but aren’t the brightest. There is a hotspot ability which lets you see ” important hotspots” in the area that are worth exploring. If the hotspot doesn’t work, you can always use the homemade walkthrough. The developers want the game to be enjoyable and give the players a chance to continue the game even if they get stuck sometimes. It still has to be fun! The walkthrough gives you step-by-step instructions to solve the obstacle.

Other than these features there will be cinematic scenes and other playable characters. There will be 4 playable characters in the game with their own goal to follow. In the end all of these characters come together and become a team. Even when you team up with your first and second character, you’ll be able to change between these characters.

The game looks really interesting and it’s something different than your standard Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty games. It doesn’t fly high in the graphical sky but it looks decent and polished. The story is full of plot twisters and exciting scenes. Definitely a game to look forward to but of course it won’t be for everyone. The game will launch on PC the 28th of August in Germany. The international release is the 2nd of October 2015.