Gamescom: w2k16 preview

2K gave us a presentation for their next wrestling game named w2k16. It’s the most popular wrestling game on the market and here’s why… The developers want to stay real to the wrestling game, so it’s obvious they went for a realistic approach. Everything you see in the game is based on the authentic wrestling universe we all know.

The developers are convinced that they really founded the base for future wrestling games. Each year they listen to the players feedback in order for them to improve the next wrestling game and they still try to add lots of new features. One of the reasons the game is so popularm is the fact that they have the biggest character roster to this day. Last year they started with 67 characters and w2k16 will now over 120 unique models of famous wrestlers. They all have their own personality, techniques, attitude and look.

A lot of people saw the trailer with stone cold Steve Austin, the beer drinking and hard hitting wrestler where he digs up a wrestling belt. Austin won the Royal number of 1998, lastly defeating the rock. He was the one who the championship three times, no other wrestler has done this before him or even after. In the 20th century he had to retire from wrestling due to neck and knee injuries. After that he’s been hired to talk about wrestling and share his techniques to the developers. Most of the people are glad that he’s on the cover of the next game but a few others don’t like the fact that a non- active star is on the cover of w2k16.

To make the game even more authentic, they were glad to announce that the game has 2000 animations. All these animations were taken by wrestlers in motion capture suit. So the look and the feeling of the techniques stay true to the original wrestlers in the wrestling universe. Another cool feature is the creation mode in w2k16. Not only can you customize certain looks, you’ll have the possibility to create your own divasm introduction on stage, championships, arena and show.

There’s also an improved career mode that’s been built upon the foundation of the previous game. In this mode you’ll have one goal and that’s to make a career in the wrestling universe. Your ultimate goal is to get better and better to eventually reserve a place in the hall of fame. This career mode will profit from your time spent in creation mode because you’re the manager of your wrestling character. You call the shots ! You’ll even have to do post match interviews which alo influences your attitude.

There’s also another singleplayer mode ” Showcase” yet to be explained.  They will give more information about this in the near future. The developers showed us a quick match between Seth Rollins and Finn Balor. The match showed us the difference of fighting between characters. Some characters attack faster with small attacks but some of the wrestlers just punch hard but slow. They built some new systems within the combat mechanics like a new pin system, chain wrestling, new reversal system and improved controls.

They made sure there was a difference between grapple buttons and hit buttons. It gives the player more control in which attacks they really want to use and when.  The last reversal system was okay but they made it much better, they made sure the moves are much bigger and more difficult to perform. The submission holds are a lot  more difficult to perform since you have an endurance bar. If  the endurance bar is depleted, the wrestler will become tired and he’ll have to let go of his opponent and wait for the endurance bar to recharge again.

The crowd is more unique in looks, they told us no person will look the same and gives you a more authentic feeling. The referee will also have more actions during the fight. He will keep an eye on both of the wrestlers and get them away from eachother when the fight gets to tough. Facial expressions has also been updated, again with the focus to stay true to the wrestlers. Each wrestler also has a certain sweat degree, a character’s sweat depends on the length of a match and his weight or other attributes. Hair physics has also been improved and characters all have a finishing move to end the match in style.

The developers worked with the most popular commentators to make sure the game isn’t boring to listen too. They will commentate on the match but they will also give general info about the wrestlers during the match when there are dead moments. Just like in a real life wrestling match.

The game will launch in America on the 27th of October while the international launch is on the 30th of October. It will launch only on the PS3, PS4, Xbox One and PS4. The game can be pre- ordered and this will give you access to the Terminator 1 and 2 played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.