call of duty black ops 3 beta

Impressions: Call Of Duty Balck Ops 3 Beta.

I got my hand on Call Of Duty Black Ops 3’s multiplayer for the second time. And now that I had some more time I can say my first impressions are still relatively the same but with a few less complaints.

I think you can summarize the beta and the full game for people who are interested as “Yeah. It’s Call Of Duty”. Is that a good or a bad thing? Well, that’s all up to you. It’s obvious that this isn’t really a beta more than it’s a shameless pre-order incentive. Call Of Duty never needed a beta since its multiplayer always worked and the game for the most part feels finished. There are quite a few maps and weapons to choose from.


So let’s start with the stages. The stages are great for the most part. There is one I don’t really like that much but even with that stage included they are all amazingly designed. The second time around in noticed that some stages do have implemented the use of Blops’s new mechanics. There are still a lot of invisible walls where you can clearly see that you should be able to get over or on but can’t. It’s baffling that this still exist in 2015. The last game I remembered that happening was Call Of Duty 4 which is almost 10 year ago. But other than that there are some parts in level where you can wall-run which seems only okay. It still feels very clunky and there are some parts that have some problems. For instance when I used an ability to teleport myself to where I was five seconds ago I was wall-running and when I teleported there I just fell into an abyss since the game didn’t automatically wall run. It’s not super bad but you don’t feel 100% in control. Anyway back to the maps. I still like the one map with the cave and the underwater section.

The characters ar great. They look good with Reaper being one of the coolest things in a Call Of Duty ever. When you select a character you can choose either a weapon or an ability. You can activate these abilities after some time and each kill further decreases the cooldown. The abilities are a cool new feature the sometimes feels underused and sometimes useless. Hey if you have an ability to go back to where you came five seconds ago but can’t use it because you die too fast to use it, I would say it’s useless.



The weapons look cool and still feel realistic with the exception of the character specific weapons and a few other exceptions. Kill streaks are back and I think they’re good but most of the time I forgot they existed. But maybe that’s just me not having played Call Of Duty in a long time. All in all when you would ask me if the new Call Of Duty is good; I would say “technically yes”. Call of duty still is a good game but It’s still Call of Duty. If you like the series you will enjoy this one. The new additions are something fans will probably appreciate. If you don’t like the franchise this will do nothing for you.

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