shovel knight gif

News: It looks like Shovel Knight might join the Smash Brothers cast.

The only reason I am responding to this rumor is so that I can use that awesome Gif as a header.

So yeah Shovel Knight in Smash might be a thing. A lot of things seem to hint towards it. first there was a rumor which I never take serious. But then GAME posted on Twitter that there is going to be a Shovel knight Amiibo. Now the thing is while the box itself looks like a Smash Bros. box there are some inconsistencies. One is that the Amiibo’s for smash alway look like their render and here you can see the render is not only drawn instead of 3D but it also looks different from the figure itself. So I think it’s all but confirmed now but it might still be a hoax.  Anyway the rumors have opened a floodgate argument about guest characters. When is enough enough and when is it okay. I feel like I could do something interesting with this.

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