Preview: Just Dance 2016

Just Dance, the ultimate party-game is back in Just Dance 2016. We got our hands on the game during a special Gamescom demo and although awkward at first, it was one of the most fun sessions we ever had. This 2016 version offers a lot of the same crazy fun but comes with some interesting new modes.

Dance like nobody is watching

The main focus of Just Dance is of course the list of playable songs. We only saw a little glimpse of what is yet to come but it appears the game will once again combine hit songs with obscure and crazy songs. We’ve danced on the popular ‘Animals by Martin Garrix’ and went crazy on the new ‘Angry Birds’ choreography that was created for the Just Dance 2016 version. A room filled with professional journalists, soon evolved into a true party and that’s the power of Just Dance. Just forget how good or bad you are and go with the flow, look at the choreography and try your best to defeat the score of the other dancers. It’s Just Dance as we all know and love but it comes with some innovations as well.

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Dance with your mobile device

One of those innovations is the way the game is played. We played a PlayStation 4 version but aside of the console in the corner, we couldn’t really tell what version we were playing. That’s because the game can use mobile devices as controllers now. Downloading the Just Dance app will transform any mobile devices with gyroscopes into a usable controller. It’s a great innovation since more and more people own a mobile device suited to use in Just Dance. No longer will you need to get a ton of different controllers, just ask your members to bring their mobile phones and you’re good to go.

It’s good to know that the cost of extra controllers has been handled with but how do these mobile devices work as controller? Are they accurate? Well as far as we could tell, they sure were. There wasn’t any difference between mobile devices and Wii remotes. Both seem to pick up your hand placement rather accurate, resulting in realistic points. The only downside to this is that you only need to use your hands to score high points. It isn’t as accurate as dancing with the Kinect for example but it gets the job done.

Don’t want a competition?

Don’t want to play for points? Well that’s no problem in Just Dance 2016. This game comes with a new mode where it’s all about having fun. You select a song and start dancing the way you want. No choreography on the television this time, just freestyle and enjoy your time with your friends. This mode often takes snapshots and makes a funny montage at the end of the song that you can share and upload on several social networks.


This is a great new mode to get the party started at your house. While the music was playing, the lyrics appeared on the screen so it soon transformed into a crazy karaoke session. The only weird thing about this mode is that it took the developers this long to include it. Just Dance has been a party-game right from the start so this party mode is the next logical step.

Just Dance Unlimited

Also new in this episode is the Just Dance Unlimited service and this is bigger than you might think. This feature is similar to what Activision is doing with Guitar Hero Live. The idea of it is that players can pay and stream their favorite songs in Just Dance 2016 to keep on dancing. This means that the game won’t end any time soon. Top songs of previous Just Dance games are available in Unlimited as well as some brand new ones. This service will continue to get updates even when the game launched. It’s the perfect service for the die-hard Just Dance players but it isn’t obligated for those who don’t want it. We’re sure Ubisoft did it right by including this, the game never gets boring now!

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Early conclusion: 

As said in the beginning, Just Dance still is the perfect party-game. I had a lot of fun during this hands-on and this was in a room filled with strangers. I’m sure that Just Dance 2016 will be the cause of some wild parties later this year. Thanks to brand new modes and Just Dance Unlimited, the game will never get boring. Don’t have enough controllers? Just make sure your friends bring their mobile devices. Ubisoft really thought of everything this time!

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