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Review: Mega Man Legacy Collection

Capcom decided to dig out Mega Man from its shallow grave and put him to good use in the Mega Man Legacy Collection. This collection includes Mega Man one to six and is done by Digital Eclipse. And while it’s missing the Playstation Mega Mans, Mega Man 9 and 10 AND the most important game of all Mega Man Soccer it still has enough games to keep you occupied. But is this Collection a Legacy or does it deserve to be buried right next to Mega Man?
While it would be a herculean task to review all games because of their difficulty, this review will be more condensed and focus on the collection rather that the actual games for the most part. The collection includes Mega Man one to six. The design of the collection is rather bare-bones as the menus are just blue backgrounds with the Mega Man menu frames. While it doesn’t look bad it would have been nice to see some nice background art in the same way they did 3rd Strike Online and Darkstalkers Resurrection. The Menus have some remixes of some Mega Man songs, and while they again are not like Darkstalkers Resurrection, they’re pretty neat, just don’t think those remixes will be the best versions you’ll hear. Other than that while playing the game the player can choose wide(which covers the whole screen), full(which makes the gameplay in widescreen) or original(which retains the original aspect ratio). When playing the game on original or full the rest of the screens gets filled with some of the original game’s artwork and while it looks good it needs repeating that it would have been nice to have some amazing new artwork. While it seems dumb to complain about it seeing the splash screens amazing art make one wonder what cool art could have been.megaman legacy 2

The menu layout is a bit barren which is sad considering the amazing  promotion art-work that was made for this collection.

Mega Man, Mega Man. There’s these big yellow beams that kill you.

As for the games themselves, they run exactly the same as it did all those years ago. For better or for worse. While the games are as good as ever; when there are multiple sprites on-screen the game’s frame rate drops to ridiculous lows. And while the original games did the same it’s ridiculous to think that a NES game’s frame rate screeches to a halt on an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, it’s a bit laughable. So if you wanted to play any of these games with a solid frame rate you’ll be out of luck. Another thing is that the first Mega Man strangely has a weird button delay. It’s enough to mess up a few jumps at the beginning. And while it seems like this would seal the collections fate it doesn’t do so. Yes the game’s frame rate drops from time to time and yes the first game has input delays, that doesn’t stop it from being so enjoyable. And when a game manages to be enjoyable when running at five frames per second you know you got yourself an amazing game.

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Despite the dips in frame rate Mega Man is so enjoyable that it easy to deal with these problems.

Now I got Your Power.

As far as extra features go Mega Man has it all covered. It has a music player and if you know Mega Man you know this is a blessing. Being able to listen to some of the most memorable NES tunes is an amazing feature. Another basic but great feature is that before playing a game players can look at all the artwork, including unused designs and promotional art. The database is a place to not only learn about the characters and enemies but it also shows enemies weakness and HP which is a pretty neat feature to have. But by far the best feature is the Challenge Mode. Challenge Mode requires you to beat bosses, levels and certain parts from several games in a row and in a certain time. It’s fun, engaging and with more than 45 challenges you know you’ll be playing a long time until you beat them all.

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The museum holds some nice secrets and the challenges will have you coming back for more time and time again.

Super fighting robot! MEGA MAN!!!


Closing note:

While the Mega Man collection doesn’t fix some of the problems that could have been fixed with the modern tech we’re using; it doesn’t hold the games back from being great. However with all that going for it’s still amazing and while it’s a certainty that all fans are going to get this, anyone who hasn’t played any Mega Man and doesn’t own a PlayStation 2 or Xbox should get this. And for those who have the ability to play PlayStation 2 or Xbox(original) go get the Anniversary Collection. They are relatively cheap and include the Snes and Playstation games AND a few others.


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