Review: Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson

Let’s get right to it, Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson is a game filled with boobs and jokes about touching them. The physics of the boobs can best be compared to a pudding during an earthquake and the females are willing to show them almost all the time. You never see them naked but the clothes aren’t leaving much to your imagination. Yes, boobs are a major part of the game but the gameplay itself is rather good as well.

I’m playing this for the plot

The game is based on a manga/anime that features a lot of female shinobi of two academies. In most episodes, they fight each other to see who’s the best but in this game they team up to defeat a greater evil. It’s a classic manga/anime that is being watched for the ‘plot’ rather than the nakedness. The game doesn’t really have an important plot or story. The dialogues are about boobs most of the time and the ladies want to touch each other constantly. It’s rather awkward at most of the times so I liked skipping the cut scenes. I’m sure a lot of gamers will be into these provocative dialogues and will giggle at the sight of those bouncing boobs but for me, it got rather old after the first dialogue. The game is staying true to its source material so I do understand why those jokes have to be made and why boobs are so important since it’s the same way in the manga/anime.


A lot of gamers might be even offended by the explicitly but that’s not necessary in our opinion. You never see naked girls and the tearing of clothes during battles can be switched off to create a ‘safer’ game for kids, although I think this game must be played by older gamer. Aside of this, if you manage to look passed the boobs (I known it’s difficult), you’ll find an enjoyable game.

It’s a fun brawler

Once you get passed your first dialogues and boobs, you get right in the action and could be surprised by the quality of the actual game, I was surprised for sure. The game plays as a classic brawler and even tends to lean on games as Dynasty Warriors. To point is to defeat the enemies that appear on your screen, featuring a boss now and then. Defeating the random characters is easy but defeating a boss doesn’t come without a true fight. The game isn’t easy and you really need to train your skills in order to know how to take those out. The most important thing to know is that you’ll need to use your transformations a lot.


Fun combat, lot of boobs


Time to go frantic

The girls all have different attacks and weapons, getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of them all are a very interesting and fun process. One thing that remains the same with all of them however is the ability to transform. You can transform in your Shinobi form, which unlocks better health and defense or you can go frantic. In this mode, your girl will strip down all of her clothes and battle in swimsuit. This means you lose the defense of your clothes and that you’re more vulnerable for attacks. In return you gain way better attacks that inflict a lot more damage than your original ones. Deciding when you need to use the right transformation is crucial to survive. As said before, it’s not an easy game so you really need to decide if it’s worth to give up a piece of your defense in order to have stronger attacks. That’s the RPG and strategy layer of the game and we’re glad the creators added it; it makes the game a lot ‘deeper’ than you might think at first sight.

A lot of stuff to discover

Aside of the main mode where you follow the story of several young ninja girls, you can also have fun with the other content in the game. There’s a training zone where you can improve your skills, something we really recommend to new players since again, it’s not an easy game. Aside of this you also have the dressing room to change the outfits of your fighters, some might be pleased to know that you can zoom in on everything you want in the dressing room. It’s a bit perverted is you think about it but it’s actually rather crazy how many costumes were added in the game.


The best mode is the online mode where you can fight with another player in co-op, enabling specific missions as a team is really fun and works without lag. It’s impressive that this service runs this smooth on the 3DS.

It looks really good

This brings us to the last part of the game, the looks. It must be said, the game looks really sharp on the Nintendo 3DS and the 3D effect works really well. Of course a lot of the graphics go to boob revealing or tearing off clothes during battles but besides this, the actual game looks colorful and sharp. The environments and characters all look very detailed and the cel-shaded look really works. Since it’s a brawler you’ll see a lot of the same enemies during your sessions but that really doesn’t bother that much. The enemies are fun to see and there are enough variations on the random enemies to keep things interesting. Also note that you can beat them out of their clothes as well during combat. Clothes function as armor and the tearing of clothes simply is part of battling. Although awkward for some, it’s actually nicely done thanks to the graphics of the game. Deep Crimson is without a doubt one of the better-looking 3DS game.



Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson isn’t a game that everybody will enjoy thanks to the awkward setting but it’s a shame a lot of you won’t play it. Behind the boobs there really is a great and fun game waiting for you. The different girls all have their specific style, resulting in a wide variation of battles and the other modes only add extra fun to the main experience. We understand it’s rather awkward to play it with family or on the train but if you switch off the destruction of clothes it’s safe enough to give it a go. Don’t bother the weird almost nakedness? Than this really is the game you’ve been looking for. We were surprised by the quality to be honest and can recommend it to gamers that like to play brawlers like Dynasty Warriors.


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