Special:What’s up with Godzilla The Game(PS4).

So a lot of people seem to say the recently released Godzilla game on PS4 is garbage. And while I won’t say it’s amazing or anything (far from it) I do think there is some stuff here that some fans might enjoy.I’ve spent way more time into the game than I’m willing to admit. But hey if people get to enjoy the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games then I’m allowed to enjoy this game. So without further ado I will go trough some of the more fun aspects of Godzilla the game.

The kaju selection:

It’s been a while since a Godzilla game came out and while there weren’t many new movies (as a matter of fact there was only one) there was a very important movie. Namely the 2014 Legendary pictures movie simply named Godzilla. This movie featured a cool new take on Godzilla. He’s the biggest version and has some Zilla traits. So when a new Godzilla game comes out it’s guaranteed to have the new shiny King Of Monsters in it. And that’s what’s great about this game. There is the new Godzilla but not only is he in but character that have existed for quite some time that never had their time to shine. Like Battra, which is basically Shin Mothra or the Burning version of Godzilla which is one of the sickest looking dudes that ever strutted the earth. Also as far as I know this game is the only game that has Millennium version of Gigan which is basically Toho saying “You know what. Let’s take chubby goofy cool guy Gigan, and make him look like the most intimidating dude you ever laid your eyes on.” And on top of that you got other cool guys like Biolante, King Ghidorah, Kiryu and a lot more. So fans will certainly get to touch the one Kaju they always wanted to wreck cities with. Oh also this is the only game with Hedorah and you can see why. Oh god he’s so dumb.

Here is the old Gigan. It looks cool.


And here is the new Gigan:


OH CRAP that’s awesome

City destruction:

While cities where destructible in the other games they weren’t an important part of them. While the older games where one-on-one or four-player fighting against other Kajus this game focuses on another part that always was important of the Kaju series. Destruction. While you do fight other monsters in this game there still is a great focus on the destruction of the environment. Buildings don’t just crumble they blow up, they leave dust trails and you really notice the destruction. Again in the other games you destroy buildings but rarely do you notice. They are just spread around the map and sometimes you get thrown into them but you don’t really care or notice. In this game however you have two objectives: destroy the Kaju and two: destroy the city. Buildings are absolutely everywhere(as it should be)and if you want to fight the other Kaju you need to go through buildings. Destruction is rewarded and is one of the main focuses of the game. When a building gets destroyed you will know it and just destroying them is fun. This is something other Godzilla games should have and should be one of the main focuses of the games.


The feeling of  fat dragging asses:

One of the complaints I’ve seen is that the monsters move slow and clunky. Yeah guess what….. IT’S BECAUSE THEY ARE. The (relatively) slow monsters feel like they should. While again the other games where fun, the Kaju’s play relatively fast and do some crazy stuff that while some goofier Goji movies did never truly feel like the slow and lumbering fights the good movies go into. The PS4 game features this in spades. Battles look slow and heavy like Godzilla movie are and how you would expect Kaju’s to move. It feels like it should, intimidating and like you’re a huge fat-ass.


The guide: 

The game has a guide that has info on just about every Kaju in the Godzilla movies. It shows when and where they showed up and what their powers are and such. It’s a really cool encyclopedia that offers information that even some of the most hardcore Godzilla fans won’t know. I know I learned some stuff. For instance I learned that in Final wars Minila(URRGGG) is now played by a stunt woman instead of stuntmen. Is it useful to know this? No. Will I ever talk about it again? Probably not. But hey at least I know it.

Jet jaguar: 

DO I EVEN NEED TO TELL YOU WHY THAT’S AWESOME? NO!!! IT’s Jet F*cking Jaguar. The coolest dude on the earth. Even beyond that. I don’t think I need to say anything more other than leave the devs of the next game with a few notes:

No. 1: I think Jet should be louder angrier and have access to a time machine.

No.2: Every time THE JAG is not on-screen everyone should say “Where is Jet Jaguar”.

And other than that here are some cool Jet Gifs and his theme for you to enjoy:


jet gif 1 jet gif 2 jet gif 3 jet gif 4 jet gif 5 jet gif 6



Ending note:

While I wouldn’t put my hand in the fire for this game or fight for its honor or anything, it’s safe to say that there is some stuff for fans to enjoy. So it’s completely up to you to pick this up or leave it be. And while it’s not amazing I know I had some fun with it. Check it out if you want to.


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