Review: Forza Motorsport 6

Forza, home of realism and gorgeous cars is back on Xbox One in Forza Motorsport 6. If you like cars, you’ll love Forza Motorsport. This is the only place where you can drive and see that many cars, cars that have been virtually remade to perfection. Forza is more than just a game, it’s a tribute to everything car-related. Forza 6 might be the best version in the franchise yet.

Love cars? Welcome to paradise

First of all, a realistic racer would be nothing without playable cars. Forza Motorsport 6 is home of a total of 460 cars, yes that’s right. This amount of playable cars can’t be found in other games and is the thing that makes Forza stand out. Aside of racing, you can also check them up close in the Forzavista mode. In here, you can virtually walk around your car, open the doors and take a look at the impressive dashboard. Each car has been remade as the real deal and thanks to the power of Xbox One, it’s hard to see the difference between what’s real and what’s computer generated.


This Forzavista mode alone is a paradise for car lovers; every detail has been remade to mirror the real cars to perfection. The cars featured in the game vary from common cars as the Volkswagen Polo to more exotic cars as the Ford GT 2015 or Lotus F1. There are modern cars, classic cars, streetcars, Formula 1 cars, historic cars and a lot more to discover. Have a favorite ride? There’s a big chance it’s playable in Forza Motorsport 6 as well. As far as the cars go, there’s simply no other game that can beat this one.

Visit the most beautiful locations ever

So now that you know there are plenty of cars to mess around with, the next important question is: ‘Where do I test these cars?’. Well, Forza 6 features 26 world-famous locations. These locations feature laser-scanned tracks to mirror the reality, again to perfection. These laser-scanned tracks are the best of the world including the famous  Circuit de Spa Francorchamps. Aside of this, the game features a lot of real tracks but there are some ‘more creative’ tracks as well. These are the tracks located in a city. The Rio the Janeiro track for exemple takes your car to the narrow streets of the city, guiding you trough it, including some well-known vistas as Christ the Redeemer and more. Aside of the Rio track, there are more city-based tracks but it’s definitely more fun to discover those on your own. There’s a wide variety of tracks and thanks to the different weather conditions, there’s a lot of fun to have on all of those.

Racing in the rain and night

As said before, racing on the tracks can become a totally different experience if you race during the night or during the rain. The night races are by far the most spectacular new Forza 6 feature since it manages to mirror the reality in a very creepy way. Those who are used of driving in the night know that the darkness can create a certain claustrophobic feeling. Aside of this feeling, its ‘also colder during the night, resulting in less traction, resulting in a different handling of your car. Racing during the night isn’t just a gimmick in Forza 6, it changes the rules and you need to drive differently in order to finish first. Racing during the night is a combination of skill, bravery and a lot of practice. We were really blown-away by the realism of it all, it’s very impressive to see what the ForzaTech engine is capable of.


The perfect simulator


More variation comes in the form of rain. The engine manages to create very realistic rain, no matter what view you are using; the raindrops look like the real deal. Aside of just falling from the skies, the rain also forms puddles on the tracks. These puddles are 3D created and affect your traction to the road. Tires will hydroplane if you drive trough these puddles too fast, resulting in an uncontrollable car and a crash most likely. Be very careful when your driving in the rain, both in real life as in Forza since it can change everything in a second.

Great career mode

This brings us to the actual gameplay of Forza 6, as every good simulator should, the game comes with a career mode that will easily consume up to 70 hours gameplay. The career mode tells you the stories of the Motorsport and features some iconic cars. You start in the qualifications, go to street to end up driving new prototype cars at the end. The career mode is well balanced and offers a lot of variation thanks to the different eras of Motorsport. While you drive your way to the top (unlocking the next race only happens is you manage to finish in the top 3), you’ll unlock showcase races.


These showcases are hosted by famous drivers or automotive celebrities and offer a very special car and iconic track. These races take place on locations you can hardly imagine and feature some of the most iconic cars ever, old-timers to new prototypes. These events ‘break’ the regular career and offer a lot more variation to the overall experience. You aren’t forced to play them once you unlock them so the game really gives you the freedom you deserve. Want to play all the showcases at the end of the career? That’s certainly possible! The career mode offers a lot; a lot of tracks, a lot of cars and most important, a lot of fun.

Never too difficult

Forza is a realistic racing simulator, this means you need to drive as in real life. It also means you need to be more careful in turns and learn how to brake at the right time. Passing opponents isn’t easy and a simple mistake can end up in losing the race. It’s a very difficult game but if you’re new, you can activate certain assists. By activating the brake en steering assists for example, the game will help you in order to take the perfect turns and time your breaking right. The amount of assists can always be changed before a race so things never get too difficult. The game also finds other drivers who match your skill in order to always provide a challenging race.


These drivers aren’t computer generated but are the so-called Drivatars. These are based on the driving skills of other Forza players, including your Xbox Live friends. Using the Cloud, Forza 6 includes these Drivatars into your offline races to give you a real experience and challenge that matches your own skills. The best part about it, is that you can never predict what your opponents will do, every race is different and you’ll always need to go all the way in order to win.

A lot more to discover

As you see, Forza has a lot to offer and there’s even more stuff going on. There’s  the Free Play mode where you can drive on any track using any car, you can even rent or buy cars you haven’t collected in the main game! Aside of this, there are also several online multiplayer modes such as Rivals, which will look for same skilled racers to challenge or you can also compete in several official tournaments short after launch. These tournaments will host 24 player sessions where others can join as spectate and stream the session to their friends as well. We couldn’t really test the feature but if it’s as good as the solo experience, you’re safe to say you’ll spend a lot of your time online as well.

Now we’re only talking about game modes but when it comes to cars, Forza 6 offers a lot of options. First of all you can create your own print for your favorite car that can be shared with the Forza community, enabling thousands of others to use your design on their cars as well! That’s not all, you can also mod and tune almost every little aspect of your game. This isn’t necessary since the game can automatically pick the best equipment but for those who want it, there’s complete freedom when it comes to tuning and modifying of your car. You can go as far as you want; there are almost no limitations.



Forza Motorsport 6 takes the same path as its predecessors but improves it a lot. The amount of tracks and cars is simply incredible and can’t be found in another game. The feeling of realism and love for cars is unique for Forza and we know all car-lovers will enjoy this game a lot. Forza 6 Motorsport innovates with epic night and rain effects and simply delivers the best simulator experience on the market. It’s user-friendly and all about cars. Love cars? Then you’ll adore Forza 6 Motorsport on Xbox One.


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