Indie Corner: Draw a Stickman Epic

Draw a Stickman Epic released on mobile devices a couple of years ago and came to PC in 2013. Today, the game found its way to Xbox One as a new Indie downloadable game. The game is all about creating a hero and a dream we all had when we were young; bringing our drawings to life. Time to get creative and bring life to our own hero!

Time to draw your hero

The first thing you’ll need to do in this game is create your own hero. This can be done using the Kinect or the Xbox One controller. We had some trouble to draw our hero the way we wanted using the Kinect; so we soon switched to the controller. The Kinect isn’t the best accessory to start making detailed drawings and neither is the controller to be honest. It’s clear this game started as a mobile touch-based game but that doesn’t mean it isn’t playable on console. It’s a little harder but after a while we created the hero we wanted, using the controller. After that, we needed to draw a friend for our hero as well, a friend that soon got eaten by a book, time to start our adventure!


Jump straight into the adventure

The plot of Draw a Stickman Epic doesn’t go further than this, you need to chase your friend into the mysterious world and try to save him from the claws of the enemies. The world you enter looks like a hand-drawn world that was created by the developers on their notepad on their way home. It’s a great visual style that leans heavily on the colors brown and white, some might say it’s boring or lazy of the developers to go with such a style but it actually works fine for this game. Everything in the game looks like it has been hand-drawn, including all other characters and enemies you face. We had a lot of fun in discovering the little details and hidden items hidden in every world. You complete the world by reaching the door to the next level, before you do this; you need to solve some puzzles however.

Small environmental puzzles

The key mechanism of Draw a Stickman are little environmental puzzles that can only be solved by using your magic pencil. This pencil can create fire, rainy clouds, lightning and more. It’s never difficult to understand what needs to happen but drawing these small elements in the world is a lot of fun and isn’t something we did in another Xbox One game before. An example of a puzzle is destroying large rocks by setting the TNT on fire with your magic pencil. Nothing that difficult but that isn’t the goal of the game. The game wants you to feel like your actions matter rather than making things unnecessary difficult for you.

The only downside of it is that the game doesn’t really care what you draw. When you need to draw fire or clouds, it’s enough to just draw some random lines, the game will think you’ve drawn a masterpiece and activate the lines. It’s something a lot of gamers won’t appreciate since there isn’t a reward for those who actually try and draw the object the game ask them to draw. Of course it’s entirely up to you how lazy you want to be with your drawings, making them look like small masterpieces is always possible. Just don’t expect to be rewarded for it.


It still feels as a mobile game

Although Draw a Stickman Epic plays fluently on the Xbox One, we couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong with the game. It feels too easy to be a console game and it works a lot better on mobile devices. If you have the ability to choose, we would say that a mobile version would definitely be better. The Xbox One version is good but it lacks the touch interface. The repetitive music that continued playing without stops also annoyed us.

That being said, the game is meant to be played in short sessions since it’s not that long and the levels are rather short. It’s possible to finish it in one session but we wouldn’t recommend anybody to do this. If you play the game from time to time and can make peace with the slower pacing and inaccurate drawings, this could actually be a fun game for you.

The Good: The bad:
+ Create your own hero – Hard to draw what you want
+ Great art style – Repetitive music
+ Find creative solutions – Too short

Draw a Stickman Epic isn’t a game that everybody will enjoy but it’s definitely something we haven’t seen before on Xbox One and it’s great to have such a creative game on the console. That being said the game simply doesn’t feel right at home on the console but felt better on touch devices. Drawing isn’t easy on the console and kills some of the experience of course. Aside of that the game is also rather short. If you’re looking for a creative game to play from time to time, this one is worth considering.

Score: 3 out of 5


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