Indie Corner: Extreme Exorcism

The indie games are on a roll on Wii U. With games like Shovel Knight and Runbow, it looks like Nintendo’ newest console is the perfect home for Indies. Extreme Exorcism is another of those fantastic new indie games on the console and comes with a nice twist. In this game you fight ghosts that mimic your previous moves, sounds easy but nothing is as it seems.

The basics

The basics are easy in Extreme Exorcism. Your character gets dropped on a map and needs to defeat a walking chair (yes, a chair), once that’s finished, you move over to wave 2. In this second wave, a crown-wearing ghost will mimic the path you walked before. If you shot down the chair with a shotgun while jumping for example, the ghost will follow that path and fire the shotgun at the exact same location. Killing the crown-wearing ghosts lets you advance to the next wave. It sounds easy since you always know what the ghosts will do, but the more waves you survive, the more ghosts appear on the field. Resulting in a very chaotic and difficult battle to defeat the crown-wearing ghost.


It’s a really fun and unique concept that works incredibly well. At first we didn’t experience much trouble to defeat the ghosts but the more appeared, the harder it was to remember the paths we walked. Since the game is very high-paced and chaotic at times, it’s near impossible to remember all your moves. It’s a brilliant concept if you ask us and it works even better the moment you start playing.

A lot of weapons 

Extreme Exorcism combines this run-and-gun gameplay with platform elements. All levels feature certain platforms that you can use to reach higher spots on the map. This is necessary to collect the random weapons. The game features a wide variety of weapons ranging for rocket launcher to magic wands. The best weapon is without a doubt the Exorcism Wings, which unlocks a ‘black hole’ that sucks ghosts away for good. Ghosts that were trapped in the Exorcism won’t reappear next round.

In Arcade mode you can carry three weapons at once. The best part about it is that you also use the three weapons at once. By pushing the attack button you can swing your sword, fire your shotgun and activate your magic wand for example. In Deathmatches you can even carry up to six weapons to make the experience even more chaotic.

Different modes

Now that we mentioned it, the game has three major modes to offer. First of all there’s the classic Arcade mode which lets you battle ghosts in several waves on different locations. The locations are all based on different rooms of the haunted mansion starring the Graveyard, Library and more. You unlock new stages by gaining enough points. Killing the crown-wearer gets you ten, killing regular ghosts gets you one. This mode can also be played with other friends in local multiplayer. If a friend defeats an enemy, the returned ghost will be colored in the color of the player, this means you’ll be able to see which ghost will follow which path. Playing with friends makes the experiences even more fun, too bad it’s local only. Online support would really benefit the game.


The second major mode is the deathmatch, which drops up to four players in a room. The deathmatch is very chaotic due the fact that you can carry up to six weapons. Taking down your friends with a combination of six different weapons is one of the most brutal things we’ve done in a while. This deatmatch mode is the beating heart of the game and is meant to make family meeting or meeting up with your friends even more fun. If you have to opportunity, be sure to check this mode out!

The last mode is the challenge mode that feels rather unnecessary. In here you need to play certain levels with a handicap, it’s fun for sure but it feels like the creators wanted to stretch out the gameplay. Extreme Exorcism doesn’t need any stretching at all. It’s a fun mode for the achievement hunters but aside of some weapons there isn’t really much to unlock.

Retro visuals 

This brings us to the last section of the game we would like to point out, the graphics. Extreme Exorcism actually downgrades the OS of Wii U, enabling it to run on a lower frame rate. This mirrors the classic NES and SNES games in a great way. The game doesn’t use any modern technology. There’s no online support and the GamePad isn’t used in any way, even off-screen television isn’t possible. The game looks very retro and plays like something we would have played on arcades back in the days. It’s a great style and something we really appreciate, although off-screen play would have been even better.

The good: The Bad:
+ Authentic retro visuals – No online mode
+ Chaotic fun alone or with friends – No off-screen support
+ Unique concept – Challenge mode

Extreme Exorcism is another great Indie game on Wii U. It combines a unique concept with the chaotic fun that can best be experienced with friends. It’s the prefect game to play with friends on a cold winter night. It’s easy to overlook this one with all the triple A releases in the coming months; but Extreme Exorcism deserves your attention. Time to set your spirit free and enjoy this little gem!

4 out of 5:


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