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Indie Corner: Gunman Clive HD collection.

Developer Hörberg Productions has brought the two Gunman Clives to the Wii U in HD as the Gunman Clive HD Collection. This review will focus on the collection itself instead of the games individuality.

Both Gunman Clive games don’t have any plot to speak of. The mayor’s daughter has been kidnapped and it’s up to Gunman Clive to save her. That’s it. Gunman Clive might not win any awards with its narrative but that doesn’t matter since the strong points of the game are it’s presentation and gameplay.

gunman cliveGunman Clive’s plot is fairly basic.


Gunman Clive’s gameplay can be described as the basics of Mega Man. The game homages other games like Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World and of course the previously mentioned game. You run forward, jump and shoot. Along the way you pick up weapon power-ups much like Contra. The level design is great and the enemies are varied. Both Gunman Clive games have a great amount of variation. One minute your riding a mine cart the next you need to jump on the Mega Man teleporting blocks. The great thing about the games is that you can select different characters. While Ms.Johnson plays relatively the same(with the exception of a float jump and she can’t walk by shooting) but when you play as Chieftain Bob the game suddenly changes into Castlevania Lite. In a way players can experience the same game in a different style. Gunman Clive might be fairly short but the trip certainly isn’t one that’s going to be forgotten anytime soon.

gunman clive 2One of the many homages in Gunman Clive that certain fans will recognize. 


The presentation of Gunman Clive is great. The first one has a Wild West wanted poster themed art-style. It’s a unique and pleasant style. While it would seem like it would look very dull and monotone Hörberg Productions manages to make it stand out. Enemies have different colors and they seem to bloom of of characters and objects. The second game 1-ups the color palette by not only giving the playable characters a red hue that makes them pop of the screen. Levels follow a different color palette every time and make the levels even more varied than they where before. Gunman Clive not only plays great but also looks amazing.

gunman clive 3 The color palette is so pleasing with soft colors and a nice bloom. 


clive verdict
The good: The bad:
+Amazing game-play – really short
+great visuals
+amazing homages 

The Gunman Clive Hd Collection is great. It has two amazing if not short games that look amazing. And for the amazing price of only 4$ it would be a crime not to buy it. While they aren’t true Mega Man or Castlevania successors, they do an amazing job filling that void. The HD Collection is cheap and amazing for the price. Just don’t go out to buy a sandwich during your lunch-break and go get this instead. It will do a great job sating you Mega Man hunger, and will be a nice snack for Castlevania fans.

4 out of 5:


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