Indie Corner: Guns, Gore and Cannoli

Guns, Gore and Cannoli is the first Belgian Xbox One game so it’s something special. Besides of being the first, it’s actually a game that manages to innovate the zombie gameplay. Zombies have invaded a lot of genres and franchises the couple of years but the run-and-gun genre was left alone. The Claeys Brothers thought it was time to bring the zombie invasion to this genre. Welcome to Guns, Gore and Cannoli.

Vinnie takes care of things

You play as Vinnie Cannoli, one of the big shots in the local mafia. Vinnie is shipped to Thugtown,he needs to rescue a member of the important Belluccio family. A simple task for a mob member, until he finds out the entire town is overrun by zombies. Vinnie doesn’t run away scared but takes his favorite firearms and starts killing the zombies. Nothing will come between him and the lost family member. It’s a rather plain story but it gives the gamer the perfect excuse to start killing zombies in a 1920’s era filled with mafia members.


The zombies are everywhere

Once you’re introduced to the story, the game will kick off with a lot of action. Zombies on his ship towards Thugtown attack Vinnie, this first level already proves a lot of innovation. At its core, Guns, Gore and Cannoli is a classic run-and-gun game like Metal Slug but it does things its own way. Like in other zombie games, the game often gives you difficult situations. The zombies aren’t coming from just one direction, especially in the later levels they come from everywhere, surrounding Vinnie and limiting the movements of the player. These are the most fun parts of the game, the parts when you’re shooting zombies, desperately trying to survive. The game succeeds in translating a zombie horde to a 2D playfield, a very impressive accomplishment if you ask us!

Different types of enemies

It doesn’t stop there however, besides the amount of zombies, the creators really invested a lot of time in creating different types of zombies. You’ll face regular zombies, crawlers, tanks, runners and a lot more. All types are designed differently and all look great and need a different approach to take them down. This variation in enemies is what keeps the game fresh every time you play it. You never really know what to except, so keeping your finger on the trigger is very crucial.

To make things even more difficult, you’ll face human enemies as well. Humans are a lot smarter than zombies and use other tactics in order to take you down. While you’re facing humans, you need to forget everything you’ve learned from taking down zombies but use different, smarter tactics to take them down. It’s really good to see that the different types of enemies add something new and fun to the gameplay rather than just offering different renders.


A lot of guns

As you might already picked up, Guns, Gore and Cannoli isn’t an easy game, just like the genre should, it’s rather difficult. To take down the enemies, Vinnie can luckily use a wide variety of weapons. You have regular handguns and shotguns but powerful Tommy Guns as well. Aside of guns, you can also throw grenades or Molotov cocktails. The best thing about weapons is that you can pick them up during a level and use them until the ammo runs out. This means you can use a lot of different weapons in just one level. The smartest strategy is to keep your most powerful gun and take down the more powerful enemies with it.

Still too hard? Try inviting some friends over! The game can be played with up to four players. As long as one is still standing, the fallen ones will automatically respawn so the action never stops. The multiplayer is a lot of fun and succeeds in translating such a chaotic experience to Xbox One. Be sure to invite some friends over because this is going to be a blast!

The good: The bad:
+ Horde gameplay works great – Rather short
+ Great style and visuals – Story could have been better
+ Not too easy

Guns, Gore and Cannoli is a great new run-and-gun game in the spirit of games like Metal Slug. It combines a great setting with several types of zombies, challenging the gamers to survive. The action is extremely fun and the gore is over the top, as it should be! Don’t ignore this smaller game but prepare your shotgun to kill some zombies in this great Indie!

4 out of 5:


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