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Indie Corner: Q.U.B.E. Director’s cut.

Q.U.B.E has been enhanced as the Director’s cut adding a story, new music and a few tweaks that makes Q.U.B.E. slightly better. But is it good? 




We need to have faith in the possibility of good.

While the original Q.U.B.E. dropped players into levels tasking them to finish them with no narrative whatsoever, this version does things a bit differently. Q.U.B.E. now has a plot. And while it would be easy to presume that the story is nothing special the game makes sure there is something here to enjoy and think about. The plot revolves about the player awakening in a strange place named the cube that will crash into the earth unless you stop it. The main problem is that you have lost your memory and soon you discover that there might be more going on than you have originally been led on. The game does a decent job of addressing themes such as trust and solitude. Soon players start thinking whether they truly are saving the world and pondering where they might be. While Q.U.B.E. has a good story and great voice acting the plot is minimal in that it only appears from time to time in places like elevators and open areas. When seeing the game, people might draw comparisons to Valve’s Portal series and that comparison is correct with Q.U.B.E.’s story having almost the exact same premise. Q.U.B.E. does a surprising job of adding a narrative where none was before.

cube 3Soon you discover there might be more going on than you were led to believe.


The darkness, it messes with you.

Q.U.B.E plays from the first person as you solve puzzles with your gloves which allow you to move several different colored cubes with every color having different effects. Red cubes can be pulled out and in up to three times, Blue boxes which act as bounces and yellow blocks that always turn into a stair-shaped formation. The are quite a few more other colors and objects to interact with. Working in the dark, rolling balls, changing the colors of balls; the list goes on and the mechanics are with the exception of the magnet puzzles fun. The puzzles themselves are fun and can get pretty hard , with the exception of one puzzle that was glitched, most of them took just the right amount of time. Players might get trough five rooms without a problem only to get stuck for a longer time in another room. Time Trials requires you to get from the beginning to the end of the level as fast as you can. The neat thing however is that throughout the levels there are shortcuts and mutators that makes the players go faster or jump higher. These mutators make the time trial levels stand out and make the challenges more fun than just a simple “get from point A to B as fast as you can” challenge. Even if some puzzles are a bit flawed it only represents a minuscule part of the game. Q.U.B.E. is a great puzzle game.

cubeQ.U.B.E. manages to mix things up nicely.


Can you hear me?

From a visual standpoint Q.U.B.E is minimalistic and sterile in the best sense of the word.  Absolutely everything is made out of cubes. It’s a very good way to save on the budget and looks pleasing too. It gives of a soothing vibe. The cubes moves in hypnotizing way and the cubes make up and move in a way similar to elevators and doors. The sterile white environment nicely contrast the colors of the cubes. The blues,reds and yellows stand out much like in Mirror’s Edge. The music fits the theme of the game perfectly. With a lot of minimalistic sounds and whispering winds that would remind anyone of space. Even if there’s no sound in space. Q.U.B.E looks nice and has a soothing effect on players.

cube 1Some of the creative ways to make cubes visually interesting.




CUBE verdict


The good: The bad:
+Great puzzles -The magnet puzzle 
+Nice aesthetic design
+Interesting narrative

Q.U.B.E. is a good game. Its puzzles are fun, its mechanics are great and offer a nice challenge. The white cube design looks great and colors pop out of all the white. Q.U.B.E. has a nice plot added to it that has some interesting stuff and it may not amaze players; they sure are going to enjoy it. And while it doesn’t reach the heights of Portal it still manages to deliver a fun experience and a great narrative.

4 out of 5:









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