Indie corner: Star Sky

Indie games benefit of the fact that they are created by small companies. Unlike the big studios, they can take more risks and use ideas others might think are too controversial for gaming. Star Sky is a new Wii U indie game and is actually a lot more than just a game. It’s best described as an interactive poem.

Time to take a walk

Star Sky is a strange little game since the only thing you can do is walk or run trough one level. The level always remains the same but the activities you can unlock are different and can’t be unlocked in just a single session. Star Sky isn’t about being the best or the first, unlike other games the main goal of Star Sky is to relax. It’s a game that’s best enjoyed during cold winter nights under a blanket with a cup of hot milk. The game forces you to take things a little slower and to really understand your environment.


What first seemed a normal and traditional environment will soon show its secrets if you’re patient enough to make it happen. The only action required is pushing the B or A button to run or walk. The entire game can be controlled with a single touch so drinking that hot milk while playing is definitely possible. Star Sky wants to deliver an unforgetable journey but doens’t really succeed.

Great environment

Before we point out the flaws of the game it’s good to see that Star Sky managed to created a unique atmosphere. Thanks to the silhouette graphics, the game really comes to life and is able to deliver a natural night experience. The environment is filled with interesting objects and other characters to interact with. At first it’s all fun to see but also note it’s the only environment you’ll see the entire game. After a session, you get dropped at the start again do start over and discover new secrets.

The environment and mute characters are good looking and you even get a kind of connection with the nameless characters but it’s all way too repetitive. Walking or running will most likely take you around five minutes so you can complete the game in one to two hours, which is fast. Of course, stretching out the length of the game even more would make things worse but you really need to think if a game is worth getting if you can finish it in two hours.

The magical music

The goal of your walk is to stop when you hear some magical music. This specific music unlocks mysterious events. These events vary from picking up a rose to walking on clouds. Every event is different and every event is hidden on a certain spot. At first it’s really thrilling to guess what objects will unlock an event but this magic disappears the longer you play and the more you know. Remember that tree you walked by? Hoping for it to contain a magical event? Well, after three runs you discovered there’s nothing to see and run past it as fast as you can. This is one of the main flaws of the game, once you’ve discovered a secret, the tension disappears and the search for the remaining secrets gets a little more boring. Although it must be said that we wanted to find every little secret this world had.


The magical painting

After a walk in the environment you’ll always end the session with a painting. This mysterious painting gives hints on the events you’ve seen and the events you’ve missed in this or previous sessions. Thanks to the painting, you’re challenged to find every little detail right until the end. It looks like a small feature at first but it’s the painting that gives the gamer the drive to go on. Since you never know where to look, the painting is the only object that gives you a reason to keep going. Without it, it wouldn’t make any sense of walking the same walk every day. It’s certainly something different from the other games and it’s fun to play such a relaxing time from time to time.

The good: The bad:
+ Something new – Very short experience
+ Strong visuals – It’s not really a game
+ You want to discover all secrets

Star Sky offers a unique experience but can we really call it a game? It’s not a game at all actually but rather an interactive poem where patience gets rewarded. It’s hard to figure out if we can recommend such a short experience to everybody, considering the price of the product, but it must be said that you haven’t played something like this before. If you’re looking for a new, gaming related experience, give this Star Sky a go.

Score: 3 out of 5


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