Indie Corner: Zombie Defense

Zombie Defense is the debut on Wii U for developer Teyon. The game started as an Android game but made the switch to Wii U last week. Although you see in almost everything that it’s a portable game, it’s actually a rather fun tower defense game for the Nintendo console.

Save the earth, kill the zombies

Don’t expect a plot filled with interesting narratives in Zombie Defense, as said in the introduction, it’s a tower defense game, a genre that doesn’t actually needs a story. The goal is straightforward, place your troops on your map and survive the waves of zombies. Each new wave is harder to defeat, resulting in an increase of difficulty the longer you survive. It’s nothing new but the Wii U lacks great tower defense games so this one is certainly welcome on the console.

Learning the ropes

During your first missions, the game will show you the ropes on how to survive this zombie apocalypse. It all starts with placing your troops that need a spot on your map. You aren’t free to drop them anywhere on the map but you’re only allowed to put them in the green zones. This makes it harder to survive certain waves, certainly during the first missions. Since you can’t walk to other zones, you need to think where you can best put your soldiers in order to defend your base.

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Aside of this, you earn money for every zombie you drop. This money can be used to buy new weapons or new troops at the end of each level. Choosing between better weapons or more soldiers is crucial to make it to another level. The game is filled with upgrades so you really need to choose wisely. Do you buy that one powerful weapon or do you save up money to increase your amount of soldiers level by level? It’s in interesting mechanism and it makes the game rather addictive.

Too many upgrades

The only downside about this story is that the game ‘only’ features 35 levels, 8 of those are special challenges. It’s not that much but it also means you won’t be able to buy every type or soldier or weapon during your campaign. You’ll reach the end of the game before you got to try out some of the more expensive weapons. It’s a shame to be honest and replaying the entire game to unlock those weapons isn’t that appealing. Don’t get us wrong, we definitely enjoyed every single level, including the eight great but difficult challenges, but we would have loved to try out some more weapons and troops.

Different zombies, no surprises

As a good tower defense game should, Zombie Defense increases the difficulty by adding different types of zombies to the game. You’ll face normal ones but you’ll also face the more tank-like zombies or the crawlers that can’t be hit by regular bullets. The inclusion of different zombie types works great and offers some needed variation to the actual gameplay. In order to always be prepared for war, the game will always show you what kind of zombie you’ll face during the level. Some might say it takes away the element of surprise but with your limited resources it’s actually good to know what’s coming for you. Facing a lot of zombies isn’t a rare occasion so you’ll really need to know your plan of taking them out.

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Obvious mobile roots

This brings us to the last part worth mentioning, the presentation of the game. It’s obvious that this Zombie Defense started as a mobile game, leaning heavy on the touch interface of the GamePad. Playing the game on a GamePad feels more natural thanks to the touch controls and graphics. It all looks ok on the smaller screen of the GamePad but on your television screen it’s not that beautiful. The textures could have been a lot better and some more colors and details wouldn’t hurt neither. That being said, it’s one of those typical games that’s best enjoyed while playing off-screen. The GamePad interface is impressive and the touch controls or accurate so why bother with playing on your television anyway?

The good: The bad:
+ Addictive gameplay – Visually not so strong
+ Different types of zombies – You can’t buy every upgrade
+ A lot of upgrades – Low replay value

Zombie Defense is a great tower defense game for Wii U that brings in some interesting innovations to the genre. Knowing what kind of enemies you’ll face; offers a different type of preparation as in other tower defense game. The problem with the game is that you can’t buy every upgrade but aside of that it’s a very addictive and fun game that’s best played as an off-screen game to kill some time.

4 out of 5:


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