Indie Corner: Zombie Vikings

Forget all you know about Viking themed games or television series. Zombie Vikings is vastly different of every zombie or Viking game you’ve ever played. If you’re into authentic viking seriousness don’t bother reading… If on the other hand you’re into humor and 2D hack’n slice, come and get it. Because there is a lot of humor! Oh and zombies, funny ones.

Odin’s lost eye. His second lost eye actually.

The game’s driving goal is recovering the Viking god Odin’s lost eye that was stolen by his mischievous and treacherous son; Loki. Thor isn’t feeling like doing anything so Odin decides to summon four legendary yet fallen Viking heroes. But they died so it means upon summoning they’ve acquired zombie like appearance and powers. Each character has a unique feel and plays differently. Our four zombie Vikings sail off using Odin’s boat to retrieve his magical eye. The game offers a very liberal view on the Norse mythology and after all the seriousness offered in this area it’s a refreshing take on the Norse gods and its creatures.


Not made for loners

The game’s story is easy and basic yet this game offers enough entertainment to make up for this. And while most games confront you with complex plots Zombie Vikings keeps a simple plot and puts more effort into detailing and polishing the overall game experience. At the beginning of every level you have the choice to pick one of the four playable characters and to upgrade their weapons and runes using the coins collected throughout earlier levels. This story mode is perfectly playable on your own if you are a veteran in the genre but the game only shines if you can team up with 3 other friends to enjoy this witty adventure to the fullest! If however you find yourself in a socially incoherent mess, you can always pick the fast matchmaking option that will randomly pick other players for you to join. A great addition to a 2D hack’n slice game!

Eating brains and sköll!

On your journey, be it alone or with friends, you will fight through hordes of worms, tiny Vikings, cats etc. Being zombie Vikings your team will have to eat brains found in crates and barrels to recover health lost by the enemy forces. Every level offers a variety in enemies and the bosses will test your characters’ unique powers. There is a strategic feel to knowing what your role will be during the hilarious boss fights. Know your enemy and know your characters’ unique powers!


The game has a steadily increasing difficulty level but it’s rewarding to play some levels again so you learn the best strategy and invest coins for better weapons and runes; an upgrade you will be forced to once you reach the more difficult levels in the game. If you want to test your strength and cunning you can always try the Arena Mode where you can decide who the strongest zombie Viking is between you and your friends.

Great jokes and voice acting really add to the great gameplay.

Straight from the start the opening cinematic already shows off the game isn’t your everyday “Viking” experience. The game doesn’t’t take itself too seriously and does this in a subtle yet very nice way. Pressing the pause button is a plain boring thing in any other game but in Zombie Vikings pressing the button will reveal a nice picture of a coffee filled Viking horn with flower patterns on it and all of this is topped with a bunch of Vikings singing the “PAUSE” song. Another thing that is very present is the vocal nods to today’s life. While fighting enemies or your own characters will shout things like “I will slice you and post your remains on instagram” or “oh let me YELP that”. This game has this weird “fourth wall” thing going on. But it works and in some cases adds to the already over the top humor present in the game!

The good: The bad:
+ Decent hack’n slice action – Minor bugs…(we defeated a boss that wasn’t even fighting)
+ Great voice acting – Playing alone can be very demotivating
+ Great matchmaking and a real 4 player game

Zombie Vikings proves that you can have a very light story and offer a polished experience for four friends or strangers. A game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and that’s its charm!
Great game with some minor bugs but the overall experience is solid and humorous enough to keep you and 3 other buddies busy on a Friday night with beer, pizza and laughter!

4 out of 5:


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