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Pause For Tought: My first year at this site.

So a lot of people really wouldn’t care about this but I just wanted to say thanks…

Thanks to the guys here on the site for giving me this great opportunity and helping me trough a lot. life is hard and it can get very hard to go on at times. But with friends by your side things get a lot more bearable. My life right now is kind of a mess right now but one thing that always seems to get my mind of of things is this site. Posting stuff about stuff for people who like that stuff is what helps me cope with a lot of things in my life and at the same time manages to get me excited(most of the time) about the future of this medium which I love so much. It’s weird. I’ve been doing this for just about a year and I’ve done stuff I never tought possible or even knew existed. I owe a lot to this site. I went to a total of seven events as press most thanks to this site and our glorious all-mighty butt-lord Lander. So I would like to say a few things about those event’s and my experience as a small press-site “jurno”

National Nintendo office: I remember when big boss approached me and asked me if I wanted to join him to go to our country’s main office of NINTENDO. I just about lost it. It was just to showcase the Amiibo capabilities but the idea that I would get to see the national office of my childhood and young adulthood heroes was just amazing. It’s like you’re a kid who finally gets to hear those magical words “We”re going to Disney Land”. While an office where business is done and where they DON’T make video-games hardly is a substitute for a giant theme-park I still felt so excited upon hearing the news. And off course while it wasn’t Disneyland as much as it was a regular office building there where a few things that made a bit more than an office. It was filled with Nintendo stuff specifically big statues. I love the one you see when you enter the building. It’s an ancient Mario statue just about the height of your knees if I’m not mistaken. It’s adorable. When we where in we were directed in a room with the usual stuff: food, drinks and games. So we sat down and did our thing. This was when I realized I would see more stuff like this and my mind couldn’t even comprehend the things I would do in the future.


Sony’s The Order 1886 event: I got a mail from the Master Chief to go to an event for the Order which was going to release a bit later. I agreed and we started planning to go. I would go with a friend from the site who had some of these events under their belt. In the end I had to go alone. Now images this scenario: You get to go to an event to cover a game And do an interview. Two things you’ve never done and you’d have to do it alone. needless to say I was TERRIFIED. Everything went well on the way there but when I entered the “dungeon” and someone asked my name I started feeling the pressure. “OH GOD this is some legit shit right here.” I tought to myself. I got incredibly nervous and didn’t even want to take out the camera seeing other people’s cameras being bigger and better made me feel inadequate and ashamed of my size. But eventually I whipped it out and did my thing. And it went well demonstrating that performance is what counts. Well… until the interview part. I didn’t have a stand with me so I couldn’t set the camera decently and it didn’t help that I had to interview this guy that looked like he could tear my head off if I looked at him wrong. Turned out that like many people in this business he’s super charming and nice. But that didn’t stop me from stuttering and being scared as hell. When the interview ended thanked MR. Pessino in a shrill voice, went to the bathroom and tried not to trow up. I’m not that kind of a nervous guy and this was the first time I got nauseous for something ever. Even if I would ever get married,, at my wedding when my future wife would ask me “are you nervous?” I would look her dead in her eyes and say “nope, you’re not Andrea Pessino.” It was one of the most nerve wrecking things ever and what we got out of it was this Modern hippie indie art-piece of a train wreck garbage that many can still see and laugh at me about.


Made In Asia: OOHHH MAN what a beautiful mess came out of that. So we decided to go to a big japan-convencion in our capital. It’s mainly a cosplay gathering and a good place to buy some expensive crap you hang on your wall. But Nintendo was going to be there and since Nintendo brings in the views we checked it out. One of the big things Nintendo was going to do is a make-your-own-mask booth for Majora’s Mask 3d. And if you wanted to know what came out of it check out the vid it’s hilarious. This was at a point where I was staying at a friend and decided to never go back from where I came. And while I went back to get most of my stuff I really haven’t gone back to talk to anyone there. Needless to say this was one of the roughest times in my life and if it wasn’t for my friend(who from now on will be called THA JON) and the my friends at the site I wouldn’t know where I would be if anywhere for that matter. They always manage to get me back up even if they don’t realize it. In this video you can see why while the crew and I joked, talked and ate THA JON is the highlight of this show. He designed the mask and created it with his own two hands made for destroying things. This event came at the right time where I was at the end of my rope and this managed to get me back on the horse and continue. Oh also I dropped some food in a fast food place because no one wanted to help me in my cast. Moving on…


Antwerp Con: For this one we kinda went for some stuff. I don’t remember why but the main thing we covered was an Amiibo only tournament. It was fun just getting hyped up and shouting at a bunch of figures to kill each other. I remember one salty loser coming at me saying we should have been able to fight togheter with the figures. What an idiot totally missing the point. We didn’t really benefit from going here but I enjoyed myself and had so much fun with the LANmeister that I don’t ever regret going there. Even if there wasn’t really anything special going on. It was all about hanging around with a good friend and in the end is that not what’s best in life? Also I got this sick-ass movie poster of Alien and the Full Metal Alchemist watch so… YAY for materialism?


Nintendo Post-E3 event: So this one is the one where the tension rose to a degree that you couldn’t even cut it with a knife. So first we got an invitation to go to Nintendo’s Post E3 event which most countries do for press who can’t just go to the US. When asked in the group who would go I really wanted to go but because of financial reasons I couldn’t so LanLan would go to cover it. A bit later the beautiful bastard managed to get me in two so we could go together. I was incredibly excited and happy but maybe I didn’t really make that clear well enough. the day before we had to go we had some camera trouble and for a moment it looked like we would have any footage and Chief got a bit anxious. Maybe not the best time to make snarky joke but I did it anyway(because I always live on the edge it hurts) and needless to say the boss got mad. He went of on me for several things a I immediately regretted it. Not because I got yelled at but because I made guy who got me this “job” and even got me into this event upset. Later that day things cooled down but no words can describe the Curb Your Enthousiansm level’s of awkward that ride to the event was. We got over it and did our thing talking games and playing them. It was a lot of fun to see these E3 games and more in this relaxing room. We played games, I crammed my gullet full of food and we both just squeeded out to the Chibi-Robo Amiibo. Aside from the whole getting the boss mad part things where fun. Except for the one vid with a title I highly disagree of.


The Capcom Street Fighter 5 event: YEAH this one got me so excited I was popping trigger all month. So I’m a huge Fighting game fan and the opportunity to play the biggest fighting game of them all was amazing. Even now I realize a lot of people haven’t touched it. What the best hing about this was is that Capcom hired out an old-school arcade hall with all arcades set on free play. I decided to show the TopDog around fighting games and all of the street fighter games it was great. And then touching Street Fighter 5 was so divine. It was so much fun and I couldn’t stop playing it. The one thing I absolutely hated though was when I was just looking at some stuff at the Marvel 3 cabinet some guy who was there from a competitive group sat next to me and asked if I wanted to play a game. I obliged and explained that I actually never played Marvel 3. He said okay only to proceed to pause the game FIVE TIMES to correct the buttons not reset the match and just destroy me. I have no problem with being destroyed really badly but this guy was taking things way to serious like he trying to impress girls who weren’t there. What a douche. But since that day I have been preaching the good word of our lord and saviour V-Trigger. It wouldn’t take to long for me to play the game again and fall in love with it even more.


Gamescom: And here we are the big one. While E3 looks like fun and I would love to go one day(A dream that wouldn’t have been possible without these great guys) Gamescom is something really special to me. My first year I couldn’t believe I was at Gamescom. Every minute was bliss even if most of those minutes where spend standing in line. The Second year I decided to stay at the GamescomCamp. Best choice ever made as I met a lot of cool people and a really close friend(let’s call him Jay). Jay was doing this dance for over five years and to me he was the alpha there. He knew everyone and everything it was impressive. I enjoyed my time the second time even more and headed home by train. When on the train I couldn’t help but overhear a guy talking to someone about Gamescom. As soon as the other person left I decided to talk to him. We talked video games until we where waiting for the next train. That’s when the Wheel Of Fate was Turing. While I was talking to this guy some creepy hipster-ass looking dude was creepily eyeing me. At first I though he wanted some Kusch or he had the hots for me. Turn out this dude came from Gamescom himself and saw some serious shit. He worked for this site called GamingBoulevard.net or was it com? I don’t remember. He talked about his trip to E3 and his interview with Charles Martinet. I was in disbelieve. I kept saying “dude that’s the fucking sickest why are you saying it like it’s no biggie?” When we had to switch trains again the other guy left and to this day I still wonder what happened to him. Hey if you read this mail us there’s a spot open just for you. So we got to our destination and he said if I was interested to contact him and see if I could work for the site. Well I don’t need to tell how that went do I? After a year of us meeting at the end of Gamescom we set out to go again. But this time I didn’t just go as a visitor but as press. The first day we got our stuff together at a small place the boss and our friend were going to use as an HQ. When we were settled the big guy went to Microsoft’s presser and while we were outside because for some reason we weren’t allowed in one of the most HOLY SHIT I DON’T BELIEVE THIS WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK moments happened. My idol and master of the art himself came out of the doors. HIDEKI FUCKING KAMYA SON. This was the first time I got close to someone I admired so much and though I didn’t speak with him I got to see the man with my own eyes. I was just losing it right there. He came out with his pose and his presence just drew everyone’s eyes. He looked stylish and glanced at the outside before strutting of into the sunset(more like a street not to far from us but it might of well been). It was such a crazy moment for me and weirdly enough it looked like a movie scene where the bad-ass emerges and kids are looking up at him but he just walks so without even looking at anyone. I didn’t have the guts to talk to him or just quickly say thanks for all the great stuff. Again he seemed so intimidating what with is posse and his posture(that and the Twitter thing probably scared me to). I just kept thinking WOW I got to see MR. Kamiya for real that’s awesome. Little did I know things were going be nuts in the coming days. It’s interesting being there as press. You get in a day early and things certainly are a lot less hectic. there aren’t so many people and the lines aren’t so long. Other than that a press badge meant that I had to do some serious jurno stuff. Now I suddenly had appointments to keep and people to see. And that’s just what I did. I went’ and checked out games. Now what a lot of people don’t know is that a press-pass doesn’t allow you to skip lines. No they have a whole hall for press. Now before you go WOW that’s cool you need an appointment to get in all of these so most game you want to try you won’t be able and the games you do get to see you can only play once. That is if you get to play games. A lot of these games that are on the showroom floor playable aren’t actually played in the business area as much as someone plays them and talks about it. It’s fun, It’s interesting but if you want to play games a press pass isn’t the way. I did like the four girls who were standing in front of small chairs offering people free back massages. to bad I didn’t get one. Another thing about the press games is that they give you some pretty ridiculous stuff. I eventually made” a game out of guessing what dumb cool thing I would get from what game. Shout-outs to the guys of The Mandate who gave us a cloth bag, an external battery and a cool USB-drive in the shape of a ship. It’s pretty goofy what stuff people give away. I also noticed a lot of people staring at me and whispering. at first I tought I had something on my face or clothes but they we’re definitely talking about my badge as if they were in awe of it. People seem to think that badge opens up a lot of doors and while it kinda does it’s nothing anyone who doesn’t do this kind of stuff will care about. When talking with people they all just kinda went “whoah you’re press? Does that mean you get in everywhere faster?” While I never tough anything like that before it’s pretty funny to see people think that. after I had done all my appointment’s and the con closed I had to write previews. I was not prepared for this at all. The camp proved to be a big distraction with the Jay and the group of people there, there was a distraction every 5 minutes. so I didn’t do so much work as much as I jus hang out and shot the shit with friends until early hours in the morning. So next year I’m going to do that differently. It’s interesting that the first year I had such an impression of Jay and this year (while not a lot) he had somewhat of an impression of me. By far the best thing that came out of Gamescom happened when I talked to one of the presenters of Scalebound. When talking to him and saying how much of a fan I was of Mr. Kamiya he gave me a cool card and told me he would appear on stage. So I went’ to check him out and even got to shake his hand and a poster with an autograph wich is framed above my tv so I can see it every day. When I was walking away I decided to do something I would normally never do because I’m a huge coward doesn’t even smoke crack. I turned around and asked that if there was time if I could interview him. Here I was last interview I did I was shaking and almost threw up and now I was voluntarily looking for and interview with my idol. The nice Microsoft PR people said they’d try. So the next day they say that it’s okay and I invited my friend Jay to help me. while waiting we start talking. I tell him “It’s going to be nuts interviewing the guy that made my favorite Capcom game Resident Evil 2 and a lot of others like Viewtiful Joe, Okami, Devil May Cry, bayo…” he stopped me and asked “Wait did you just say Devil may Cry? I didn’t know that I love Devil May Cry” so at this point we are both fan-ing out. We get to meet him and even got to take a picture with him. the only downside was that there just wasn’t enough time for an interview I only got to ask one question and then we had to stop. It’s a shame to because the first question was a warm-up question and my next one would have been about REmake 2 even before he answered any questions like that. SO yeah Year three was nuts and while the site didn’t have much to do with my meeting with a legend I still got to see so much cool stuff because of them.


Until Dawn Event: Oh man now here is an interesting story. I gave Until Dawn a relatively bad review. I was short on time and while there is stuff I really don’t like but overall after seeing more of the game and thinking about some stuff makes me realize that I gave the game a unreasonable score. I intend to fix this at some point. So this time around I was alone again and had to go to a neighbouring country to see Until Dawn and do an interview with the director of the game. While the interview wasn’t anything good due to timing the place I went to was gorgeous. This time around a bus came to our capital city to drive us to our destination. While there where were a lot of drinks and this weird dude with fire, it was great. They gave me a special press copy that looks like a collector’s edition but I never saw it anywhere so I presume that it’s a Press copy. Man that place was gorgeous.


Other than that I got to cover E3 which while covering E3 was fun with friends watching announcements I didn’t really dig the whole thing. I did things way different with other friends so it was the change of doing things that I didn’t really enjoy. And to be honest being forced to watch unbearable Pixels trailers in between events was pretty painful. We also had two meetings since I joined and these vary from fun to hell. It all depends on if someone starts the DmC is better than Devil May Cry conversation(Even idiots know Devil May Cry is way better in every way). If DMC isn’t mentioned than it’s a good meeting. And then there was Zelda Symphony of the goddess in Düsseldorf. Now that was an emotional and fun experience. It’s one I wouldn’t have done alone and I’m glad we got to share it. Also Pretzels are fucking dope.


Since I started working on the site I did 341 articles eighteen reviews. One was a Backlog review, ten where regular reviews and eight where indie corner games. I am most proud of my Torchlight 2 Backlog review hate a lot of my regular reviews and the best game I reviewed was Xenoblade Chronicles 3D(with shout-outs to The Swapper, The Fall and again Torchlight 2) with the worst one by far being My Pet Zoo 3D. I also made twenty-two videos. I started the backlog review section with only one game as of now but a new one is coming very soon, and I have covered fighting games the most because I love them so much. And even though I don’t we don’t always see eye to eye, like my opinions on how to run the YouTube channel I will always respect and cherish the guys and what they have done for me. Lander, Jean, Michiel and Kristof thanks for the good times and let’s hope my second year is going to be even better.


So yeah that’s about my entire year summed up in just about four thousand words.


Thanks for everything guys.

I'm a fun loving guy who like piña coladas, getting caught in the rain and long walks on the beach. I work hard, I play hard. Must like cats. Ugos need not apply. If you want to ask me anything you can contact me at yordi.verhoene@gmail.com