Review: Disney Infinity 3.0

Disney is a huge force in the toys to life business thanks to Disney Infinity. Where both Nintendo and Activision are forced to use first party characters, Disney can go all out with Disney characters, Marvel characters and Star Wars characters. The database of character is insanely huge and that’s the power of Infinity of course. This year it’s time for the Star Wars franchise to shine, not only in a new movie but also as star of Disney Infinity 3.0!

Less is more

The first thing you’ll notice if you buy Disney Infinity 3.0 is the fact you’ll have less content. It ‘only’ features two characters in one playset. Previous boxes offered more characters and more playsets. Don’t worry however, less content means a smaller price and a huge amount of fun. As said before, it’s all about Star Wars and that’s the most epic and action-packed playset to date.

The Starter Pack comes with figurines of Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, combined with their story of course. After you play trough a very clever introduction, from a marketing standpoint, you’re ready to start your new adventure with one of your two new Star Wars characters.


The force is strong in this one

It must be said; the story isn’t that spectacular and that has everything to do with the younger target audience of Disney Infinity. The game is created so that adult gamers will certainly enjoy it but younger gamers will still understand everything that’s going on. This has some effects on the story as well, it’s very straightforward. Skywalker and Tano team up in order to defeat infamous enemies as General Grievus and Darth Maul, before facing these ultimate enemies; you have to take down a huge pack of clones.


The best Infinity yet!


Fighting the Clones is surprisingly fun. You attack and defend with your two action buttons and create combos by stringing together different attacks. The combo system is kept light but interesting enough to really enjoy combat. Once you defeat the last enemy standing, you’ll witness his death in a nice slow-motion scene. Aside of the visuals, the game also has a skilltree to improve combat. These skills are rather basic again but it’s fun to have nevertheless. The older gamers will have a lot of fun in upgrading their characters. Lightsaber combat feels the way it should, of course it’s all very childproof and safe but older Star Wars fans will certainly appreciate the lightsaber action!

Aside of the lightsabers, you can also use to force in combat. This can be used to push enemies away or pull them towards you, depending on the playable character. Every Star Wars figurine is playable in the playset, these aren’t limited to the ‘official’ ones and this means you can play with your favourite character even if it doesn’t make any sense in the timeline. The only downside about it is that you’ll need to buy the other figurines if you want to use them, clever marketing if you ask us!

More than combat alone

The new lightsaber action is good and fun but it doesn’t stop there. Disney Infinity 3.0 finally invested in some variation in gameplay. Aside of the combat, there’s a lot of exploration and environmental puzzle solving. The story feels a lot more epic since there’s a lot of freedom for the players. Players can pick the way the want to play, combat or force orientated, so they really experience the ultimate Star Wars experience.


The platform sections and puzzles aren’t hard at all but again, it’s great to have. The Infinity games needed more variation since the first version and we’re glad we finally got it. To make it even better, the game has some of the best boss battles in Infinity games. The battles are big, epic and thrilling. It’s a shame the playset doesn’t last any longer but more playsets are on the way!

Star Wars and more 

If you see the game in stores, especially the Starters Pack, you might have the idea that this Infinity only offer Star Wars games but there’s more. Disney included other playsets as well, including a bright colourful ‘Inside Out’ set, including the famous cartoon characters. Disney will continue their work on both the Star Wars as the other Disney story lines. Getting this Infinity 3.0 isn’t the same as getting one single game or franchise. The 3.0 experience will continue to grow with more interesting stories along the way.

The big open Toy Box

With all those great adventures and new stories you would almost forget that the Toy Box also upgraded to the 3.0 version. As always, the Toy Box offers an incredible amount of freedom to create the type of game you want. Something like LittleBigPlanet but easier to understand and learn. The best thing about it is the way the Toy Box got restyled. Every part of the Box is a slice of the pie and has its own coach to teach you the ropes. The only limitation is your imagination, a cliché but so true when it comes to Disney Infinity.


You can create Kart games, combat games, decorating games, platform games and a lot more. Every figurine you own is playable in the Toy Box and has its own unique powers. Players can create whatever they want and share it with the community. Recent games as Super Mario Maker proved that community levels are very popular and gamers really know how to create fun and thrilling levels. This is the same in Disney Infinity 3.0. Gamers can create whatever they want and it must be said, some of those Toy Box levels are incredible!


Disney Infinity 3.0 is the evidence that Disney still has the magic and that the Infinity franchise is here to stay. It’s said this is the final version of the first Infinity tier so we can’t wait what the future brings. Until then, we’ll definitely enjoy our time with this new version of the great franchise. When a game can combine the Star Wars, Disney and Marvel universes into one big world, you know you’re playing something special. The new sets and characters are a lot of fun. We’re looking forward to play some the best Toy Box levels together with some of the most fun stories ever in the franchise.


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