Indie Corner: Crimsonland

Crimsonland is a rather special game to review. It was released on PC back in 2003 but comes to Xbox One and other consoles starting this week. The original Crimsonland was a success and the PC community especially adored the Survival Mode. Now, it’s back with improved graphics and a lot of monsters to kill. The only question you might ask is if this game is still good after all those years.

What is this plot you’re talking about

First of all it must be said that Crimsonland doesn’t have a plot of any kind. Sure, action-packed games as this don’t actually need a plot but a little more details on why and how would have been good. You play as a random character that’s dropped on a planet far away. You don’t know why you’re there but the only thing you do know is that you need to take down the monsters on the planet.

Everything is played in a top-down view like the old Grand Theft Auto games so you never see the monsters up close. It’s a bit of a shame you don’t get to see the monster up close since their simple designs are a little too outdated to actually work. Without a plot, it would have been great if the monsters would be more interesting to watch. That being said, the gameplay itself is actually pretty fun.


Go on several missions 

The game is divided into two main modes, the Mission mode and the Survival mode. Let’s talk about those missions first. In here you’ll face a lot of challenges, sixty to be precise. Crimsonland is packed with content so buyers will be able to enjoy this old-school shooter for a long time. Why do you need to play the missions? To unlock new weapons and perks of course!

All of the missions ask the same of you, survive the waves of monsters until you killed each one of them. Variation comes in the different kind of monsters you face. It starts with simple zombies but advances to fire-spitting spiders. You’re on an alien planet remember, everything is possible!

Killing those monsters is a lot of fun and is bloody as hell. Each monster you kill, colors the battlefield with their blood. The environments are kept as plain as possible to really see the damage you’ve inflicted. It’s fun and we didn’t mind the absence of detail in the environments. The environments are only there so you can kill as much monsters as possible. If you manage to complete missions you’ll unlock weapons and perks.

A lot of weapons, a lot of perks 

The amount of weapons and perks is truly impressive. The game features a lot of traditional weapons like a sub-machine gun, shotgun, handgun and rifle but also some more futuristic weapons such as shockguns. Each type of weapon has its own advance and weakness. A shotgun for example can take down multiple enemies but needs more time to reload. Picking up the right weapon for the job is crucial. The only way you can switch your weapon is if a monster drops a new one on the battlefield once it got killed. Aside of weapons, the battlefield is also filled with power-ups if you kill more monsters.

These power-ups are local perks and give you an extra advantage to survive. Things like extra shields, mini-nukes, fire bullets and more will assist you to survive as long as possible. These local perks are fun and change the way you play a lot; it offers a lot of variation to the core game. Aside of these, you also unlock true perks for the Survival mode.


These perks can come in handy during Survival since they can give you extra health; make your character nuclear and a lot of other things. The perks are fun and creative, the creators really came up with some brilliant and funny perks. One of our favorites is the 18% score boost in exchange of your life. Don’t expect traditional perks but expect a lot of fun!

Survival mode

This brings us to the main attraction of the game, the Survival mode. As the title already suggests, the goal is to survive as long as possible by killing as many enemies as possible. The more you kill, the better your score. Scores are kept in an international ranking so you’ll always find someone with a better score. Competing to get the best score is what makes the Survival mode that much fun.

If you play the Mission mode a lot, you’ll get a lot of cool weapons and perks to use in Survival, the more you have of those, the longer you’ll probably survive. It’s also possible to play this mode in co-op with up to four players. This is only possible locally but it’s a lot of fun to invite some friends over and have some classic shooter/survival action.

The good: The bad:
+ Great homage to old-school shooters – No Plot or dialogue
+ Lot of things to do – Doesn’t look good

Crimsonland is still the same game as in 2003. This means it doesn’t look that good but it’s still fun to play. The Survival mode is without a doubt the most interesting of the game but you’ll need to play the Missions to unlock weapons and perks. Crimsonland is a very old-school survival game and does what it has to do. If you’re looking for retro shooter fun, this is an Indie worth getting.

Score: 3.5 out of 5









This game was tested on Xbox One, a code was provided by the publisher.

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