News: I think I have a new main. Laura is officially revealed.

She was leaked  twice now. Once earlier this week and a two days ago but now it’s official, The Brazilian fighter has some Sean and Blanka stuff going on. So uhhm… I don’t know much about Brazil or Brazilians but do all Brazillians have electro powers? I don’t know man, but if it’s true that’s awesome.

So Laura looks awesome. She has some slow projectiles and a lot of cool grapple moves. Her super is also very reminiscent to one of Blanka’s ultras.

Overall I love her design, character and moves so much she’s my new main. At least until Juri joins the fray. I also love that she’s related to Sean.

And the people saying she’s his sister. Come on. It’d be way cooler if she was his mother. You know that or his daughter…. HIS TIME TRAVELING DAUGHTER.

Here is the trailer:

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