Special: PlayStation 4’s crazy 2016 line-up

Today was an important day for Sony and PlayStation. As you might remember, the company skipped Gamescom to show their Media Briefing during the Paris Games Week today, was it worth waiting for? Is Sony still capable to bring some surprises to the table? How will the company compete against the heavy Xbox One line-up? Well, after the presentation we can only conclude that the company is ready for 2016!

A lot of love for the Indies 

First of all, the conference started with something that made PlayStation stand out in the first place, the love for the indie games. It’s not the first time that Sony showed their love for Independent Developers but showing some new and upcoming games as Fat Princess Adventures and Shadow of the Beast is a great way to start a big conference. Sure, Microsoft and Nintendo are putting some efforts into the Indie scene as well but the Sony love goes deep. One of the weirdest new Indies is called ‘What Remains of Edith Finch’ and lets you control several animals in strange locations. The shark getting stuck in that tree? Priceless for sure!

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Will Sony ‘win’ the console war with Indie games? No and that’s not the point. As they showed us during their Briefing again, Indies are supposed to be fun and are fun to have on your system without any doubts!

Exclusive content, only on PlayStation 4 

Besides Indie games, Sony is also investing a lot of their budget to create timed or content exclusives. A lot of new games and features will therefore launch on PlayStation 4 first. Doesn’t sound like a big deal maybe but it’s definitely important for the sales. Think about that new Black Ops III Zombie mode for example. Black Ops players will definitely want to play that one but only PlayStation 4 owners will be able to play it at launch. Or that open beta for Battleborn, also only possible if you own a PlayStation 4.

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Not a fan of content restrictions? Well, it looks like Sony is doing more than just content exclusives. The company is aiming for exclusive releases over the next years. Tekken 7 for example will come to PlayStation 4 first and is VR supported. That’s a big deal if you ask us!

The sick exclusives of 2016

Indie games are fun and so is exclusive content but nothing beats real exclusives. Games you can’t play on another console. Microsoft has a lot of exclusives lined up for 2016 but it looks like Sony is ready for that year as well. The amount of real exclusives is insane; let’s take a quick look at what the console has to offer next year:

Boundless: We haven’t seen a lot of the game just yet but this Minecraft clone might actually work. It has great visuals and even some story elements.

Vector: When Avicii is working on a rhythm based game only for PlayStation 4, you got our attention. Vector is a spaceship game where you need to control your ship on the famous beats of Avicii. Those exclusives bring something new to the table and are worth having on your system.

No Man’s Sky: One of the biggest exclusives for the system next year is without a doubt No Man’s Sky. This very ambitious project lets you discover different planets in a giant galaxy. First Person elements are also featured in the game once you land on a planet. Sony has a big exclusive for June 2016 for sure.

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Street Fighter V: There have been some rumors on the internet stating that Street Fighter V is a timed exclusive but during the Paris Games Week it was finally clear; it’s a PlayStation 4 exclusive. The best thing about it is that it looks like one of the best Street Fighter games in age.

Horizon Until Dawn: From the creators that brought us Killzone comes Horizon Until Dawn, a post-apocalyptic game where machines took over the world. It’s your job to hunt down those mechanic creators with weapons you crafted in the world.

Gravity Rush 2: One of the most original PlayStation Vita game is getting a sequel on PlayStation 4. That great cell-shaded look is back with the same great messing around of gravity. Count us excited!

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Uncharted 4: Uncharted is Sony’s answer for Tomb Raider and is shaping up to be the best in the franchise. We haven’t seen much new stuff but that new multiplayer demo looked great. We can’t wait to play a new Uncharted game alone or with friends.

As you see, 2016 is going to be a sick year for PlayStation 4 and we haven’t discussed all the games yet. From the smaller but promising games as Matterfall to new entries in Drive Club, Ratchet & Clank and Gran Turismo, Sony finally understood and is bringing something for everybody next year.

PlayStation VR looks more than just a gimmick

Virtual Reality is the next big thing in gaming and although we might guess who will win the race, we’ll have to wait and see once the devices hit the market. Sony is aiming high on their PlayStation VR headset and it might be one of the most important releases for the company next year. We already knew Sony was working hard to bring great games to the headset but now we finally saw what the virtual future might hold.

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Rigs for example looks like a great successor to Rocket League. The game is focused on eSports and puts two teams into virtual jetpacks. By shooting and bumping into each other you need to take out the opposite team. It’s a concept that would work without virtual reality as well but we believe that the PlayStation VR will gave the total experience that nice little extra.

Besides new IP’s, Sony is also using familiar names as Until Dawn to promote their VR headset. Until Dawn Rush of Blood will put players in a rollercoaster where heights aren’t the only reason to be afraid. We haven’t seen a lot of it yet but this game might be a potential system seller.

Not only Sony believes in the VR power, Crytek is creating Robinson, a game that enables players to walk among dinosaurs and perhaps even more special environments.

The PlayStation VR is big business and is ready to take over 2016. It’s crazy to see that Sony is preparing great content for PlayStation 4 along with a new hardware device supported by promising games as well. 2016 might be the year of Sony after all.

What happens after 2016?  

With everything we shared now, it looks like PlayStation 4 is heading for the best line-up since the launch of the system. The time of remasters is finally over; the time for great new ideas has arrived! It doesn’t stop in 2016 however, games as Wild and Detroit are already shaping up to be triple A games for 2017.

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If you own a PlayStation 4, it looks like you’re in for a lot of fun. Gamers who don’t own the system might consider getting one after all. All companies are getting in position to make 2016 unforgettable but Sony might just take the trophy home.

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