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Indie Corner: Electronic Super Joy

Electronic super joy is a game that revels in its hardness. But with cheap deaths, a difficulty curve that goes brutal within the first world and level design that’s unfair, Super Joy shouldn’t celebrate just yet. Even if the celebration sounds amazing.



You lost an arm, In the Disco Wars of 1515.

You try to get revenge against a wizard that stole your butt. It’s not a very deep plot buttit doesn’t need to be. Throughout levels there are characters that talk a bit and say some rather wacky stuff. However most of the writing is rather cringe worthy and even comes over as a bit childish. There are only so many times someone can see the words POPE FART and not groan at it. It’s definitely a very bizarre style of humor, that while a bit on the nose might manage to get a giggle out of a few. Other than that the game focuses on what really matters. Its gameplay.

electronic super joy 3The dialogue is there to either inform you of new mechanics or to make jokes, but is never of importance. (Not that it needs to be.)


And you lost your ENTIRE butt, to an evil wizard.

Electronic Super Joy is a 2D platformer that focuses mainly on jumping. There are a few more mechanics but most of the game focuses on jumping and occasionally smashing. Super Joy’s controls take some time getting used to but after some time, players will feel like they are in control of their character. When players are in the air they can smash which sends them in a straight line downwards killing anything in its way. At least it should. The hitbox of the stomp is literally everything right under you, however if something just slightly touches you, you are dead and when you hit the ground you are immediately vulnerable again. Meaning if you missed an enemy even slightly it will cost you dearly.

Other mechanics are introduced in other worlds but never seem to be used for more than three level or so. And as far as levels go, the game is fairly short in a sense. There aren’t that many levels but even the most experienced players will take several minutes trying to beat the harder levels. And that is where Super Joy makes its biggest mistakes. The game is difficult. It’s not that that’s a bad thing but when the game’s difficulty curve is all over the place it does become a problem. Players will get stuck at a certain level in world one only to breeze trough most levels in world 3 which is the final world. Not only is the difficulty so high that it might make players drop the game even before they get trough world one, but there are just some parts in levels designed to make first time player die. There is a difference in “Trollish” level design that tricks the player without frustrating them and straight out “Dickish” level design when a player beats a hard part of the game only to die just before a checkpoint.

It’s frustrating and no one gets enjoyment out of it. The level design itself isn’t that hard for the most part but it’s the level scrolling that makes it harder than it is. Scrolling levels aren’t something most people like and almost the entire game is scrolling. When the game plays fair and isn’t scrolling however it can be pretty engaging. It’s a shame that while some levels have something different going on; it’s almost never really engaging or fun. However Micro Hell Mode has some really creative and fun levels doing things with the screen and portals that slow time when in them. It’s too bad these levels weren’t integrated in the main mode and mixed in with some of the world specific powers as it would have made the game way more enjoyable and varied. Electronic Super Joy is not bad necessarily but there is so much going against it that most players will drop the game before reaching the second world.

electric super joy 2The game is incredibly brutal but sometimes it’s because of mean spirited level design or it’s because of the scrolling speed.


This is the story of your quest…To get revenge for your butt.

Electronic Super Joy is a minimalistic pixel-art styled game. Everything is black and done in pixels with the exception of the backgrounds. It’s a style that has been done a thousand times before and has been done better. Even when it’s not compared to other games with such a style, everything looks dull. However the Main attraction of the game is even in the title. Electronic Super Joy has an amazing soundtrack. The game uses some great techno and lesser dubstep tracks that work well giving the player the adrenaline to continue. While the music is the best thing about the game it’s not really a part of the game. The tracks don’t influence the stages or play style. It would have been such a good concept to include the music as a mechanic but alas.

electronic super joyThe game’s artstyle is done to death. That being said, the backgrounds can look pretty cool. 


super electronic joy verdict
The Good: The Bad:
+The music -Unfair difficulty
+Micro Hell Mode -Generic artstyle
-cringeworthy humor

Electronic Super Joy is a frustrating experience. Not because it’s difficult but because it’s unfair. The art style is plain and dull, even if the backgrounds breathe a bit life into it. It doesn’t do anything really cool or crazy in its levels and most just combine mechanics from the previous level. The Micro Hell mode has some cool and creative ideas  and certainly is the most fun. The music really steals the show and is definitely worth a listen but maybe not worth a play.

Score: 2.5 out of 5



Another weird thing is that this version for the Wii U is a heavily censored version removing sounds, words and even sprites. It’s really bizarre and when looking at this version it strangely feels like a butchered version of the game.

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