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Indie corner: Freedom Planet

At first glance Freedom Planet looks like it’s just heavily inspired by Sonic The Hedgehog. But giving the game a more detailed look, players will see that not only does Freedom Planet homage the Genesis, Treasure Games and Rocket Knight; it stands strong all on its own. A treat to fans of the old and overall just a well designed game through and through Freedom Planet is a great game.


A crisis has befallen our world.

One thing Freedom Planet does, unlike other old platformers, is that it has a story with voice-acting and dialogue. When players start the game they are asked if they want to play the “Classic” mode which let’s you go through the game’s stages in order or you can take the game’s story mode. In the story mode players get to see either Lilac or Carol in their adventure to save their planet. Depending on which character they pick players will see different cut-scenes and even a different level. The plot is fairly simple but it throws so many names at you that it gets kind of hard to know who’s doing what. The story isn’t bad in the way that Super Mario Bros.’s story is. It’s just there as an excuse to run really fast across several different stages. It’s weird how much effort has been put in the story mode considering it’s not really that much of an engaging story. Still with the mediocre voice-acting and the dialogue make the story mode comes over as a 90’s saturday morning cartoon which does have a certain kind of charm. However when the game offers you to pick, it’s best to take the Classic mode since along with the previously mentioned the cut scenes are long and a plenty.

freedom planet reviewThe plot is nothing special and the voice acting is pretty bad.


Gotta go at a relative pace.

Freedom Planet is a 2D platformer that’s heavily inspired by the Sonic The Hedgehog series. And when People think Sonic they automatically think “Gotta go fast”. However the guys at GalaxyTrail smartly know that the original Sonic games where more than just going fast. As a matter of fact the game doesn’t go all too fast most of the time. It does have those faster than the eye can follow moments but a lot of this game also consists of focused platforming. Other than that it does have the sonic loopdeeloops and bumpers. Players can choose to play one of the three main characters, each playing very differently. For instance Lilac can do Sonic’s Spin Dash while Carol can do his rolling attack while going downhill. Lilac is speed oriented while Carol is more combat focused and has wall jumps. The third character works so differently that she gets unique stages that complement her play style. All characters have their ways to dispose of enemies and traverse the levels that players will always find a way to progress in a style to their liking. Levels branch of in several different paths and are ginormous each offering something new to see. It allows players to see a level several different times and discover something new trying to get all collectibles or trying to get a new record in the Time Attack mode. The level design is incredible and almost every level has unique gimmicks and enemies. If there is only one complaint it’s that the game doesn’t explain any of the items or power-ups leaving the player confused if they should switch the blue shield for the red Shield and such. Other than that Freedom Planet is an amazing experience that any platforming fan should play.

freedom planet review 2Gameplay has that Sonic momentum feel to it but also improves on it in several ways.


A Treasure of a game.

Freedom Planet is a game that, while it looks like it’s inspired by Genesis style graphics, really does feel and look more like a Treasure game through and through. The bosses in specific look like they have that Treasure design philosophy behind them. Everything looks gorgeous and colors are used in such nice ways and look like they almost pop out of the screen.The animations are also amazing with some sprites having this deliberate distortion when rotating or using some techniques Treasure used in their game making some objects look like 3d.  The music is excellent. It gives of a chiptune-like sound with a more modern vibe to it. Freedom Planet looks like someone made an art-piece of their original character in a Genesis Style and then decided to make an entire game out of it without dropping any of the quality of said artwork. Freedom Planet is a visual museum of the Genesis.

freedom planet 1Just about every place in the game looks gorgeous.


freedom planet verdict

The Good: The Bad:
+Level design -The voice acting

Freedom Planet is the next logical step for the classic sonic games. It nails the design, sounds, animation and gameplay. But even if you remove your nostalgia goggles and look at the game purely as a platformer it’s amazing. Fans of not only the Blue Blur but also Treasure, the Genesis and 2D platformers in general will absolutely love this game. GalaxyTrail did an amazing job and it’s going to be interesting to see what’s next for them. Freedom Planet is to the Genesis what Shovel Knight is to the NES.

5 out of 5

5 stars


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