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Indie corner: Typoman

Typoman is conceptually an interesting game. However it’s not executed in the best way possible. Aside from under delivering on its premise Typoman is also prone to bugs and glitches.



Words can either be a blessing …or a curse!

Typoman has a style that tries and tell a story with its visuals but there is no context as to what or why the character is doing what it does. The main character starts of wandering and gets attacked by a monster for some reason but gets protected by a muse and embarks on an adventure for some reason. That’s all the context that’s been given and it looks like the main goal of the game is to get your other arm back but it’s not really clear. Despite not having much going on narrative wise there are some exciting and fun cut scenes in the game but other than that there isn’t anything going on narrative-wise.

typoman review 1The game manages to have some visually cool moments even if the story still misses some context.


A buggy mess.

As long as Typoman has good gameplay the narrative doesn’t matter. However Typoman fails to deliver on that part too. While the game starts of really strong and feels fairly responsive, it doesn’t really do much crazy things with its concept. While there are some really neat ideas like swinging on a rope with the letter D on it and get it to the other side to change the word RAIN to DRAIN it doesn’t really use them that much and instead focuses on pulling and pushing letters around to make words. While it’s still a fun mechanics, a lot of the answers stay the same. Meaning the player will have to make words like ON and LIE multiple times. When the game does ask for more challenging words it can get fun. However the Wii U Pad always shows fairly obvious hints and even if the player can’t figure out these hints, pressing the hint button again gives them the word they need to use. It takes away literally the entire gameplay aspect of the game making the entire game in a way moot. The game has a mechanic called scrambler which when activated when standing next to a bunch of word let’s the player change its formation to make a word. The game never explains this feature and players might drag, throw and fumble letters around for half of the game before discovering the feature. And half of the game means chapter two as the game is incredibly short. All of this would be small gripes if it appeared in an other fun little game. However what drags this game down so much is that it’s riddled with bugs and glitches. The main character got stuck in a running animation and letters that shouldn’t have been in a certain location caused a lot of problems to. Even the hint system sometimes showed the wrong hints or even nothing at all. Typoman would have been a cool little flawed experiment with a high entry price. But as it is now Typoman is a bug filled mess.

typoman review 3Puzzles are fun to figure out. If the game doesn’t bug out.


Letters everywhere.

Typoman looks good. The game has a dark Limbo-esque feeling with gray and dreary being the name of the game. However the game might have benefited from a more vibrant and colorful aesthetics. However while its style feels like it kind of clashes, it still looks nice. The music is your standard fare.  It’s fun to see how the game integrated letters in its puzzles and environment and seeing the monsters designed from negative words is also interesting.

typoman review 2The game has some interesting ways of using Letters and overall looks good.


typoman verdict
The Good: The bad:
+Neat concept -A lot of bugs
+Some nice designs -The physics can get in the way
-Extremely short


Typoman is a really neat idea and has some genuinely interesting ideas and good puzzles. But bugs and extremely long loading times keep it from being an enjoyable experience. Its €15 price tag is further unjustified by the incredibly short length. Perhaps if the game gets patched, it becomes a somewhat enjoyable but still very flawed experience. But as things are as they are now the game can’t be recommended.

2 out of 5


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