system shock remake

News: System Shock is getting remade.

Night Dive Studio acquired the rights to the System Shock IP(I’m not sure if it’s the IP or just the first game.) and released it on with some upgrades to make it more modern and playable. Turns out that was just step one of their plan. The second step is totally remaking the game.

It probably won’t use any modern mechanics but will streamline the game so that it feels old yet new. Graphically it looks good but I don’t really know if it’s nailing the feel of the original because I never played it before.

This certainly has the potential to be amazing or a disaster but I’m not going to be the judge over that yet since we know next to nothing of the team behind it. I hope it turns out well and that It’s sequel gets remade too, because even if I consider System Shock 2 as one of the best gaming experiences ever it hasn’t aged as gracefully. It’s still playable but it takes time getting used to the dated feeling of the game.

But now I’m just rambling. You can check out the comparison shots at Polygon right here.



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