Review: Star Wars Battlefront

Just one month before the most anticipated movie of this century, we can now finally embrace the force in Battlefront once again. But was it worth the 10 years of waiting isolated on Dagobah?

It’s that time of the century again… Star Wars fever is taking over just like it did in the last century. With Disney getting the rights to a universe better known and more documented than our own, the reboot of the acclaimed Battlefront games was one to look out for.

First of all props to EA and Dice for respecting “STAR WARS” and keeping it “STAR WARS”. Let me explain; I was afraid this would turn out to be a Battlefield 4 with a Star Wars skin over it. This is not the case and that’s good; I’ve come across a lot of reviews claiming the game did not meet their expectations. And while it is not perfect, I fear that the vast majority had this “Battlefield” feeling in mind… It does take from it in some cases but this is a true Star Wars experience!


The game doesn’t offer a story mode or anything like it, instead it gives you missions to complete on your own, or with a friend. While the missions are fun and can be replayed to your heart’s content it feels a bit empty and shallow. Why not introduce us to some greenhorn rebel or stormtrooper? Play their personal journey throughout the missions? It doesn’t have to play a major role in the series’ timeline but it would’ve been nice to tie the missions together into a coherent story. While the missions can offer different playstyles depending on how you choose to take on the foes during your survival, you will burn through them pretty fast. That’s where the multiplayer kicks in!


Heroes vs Villains is a dynamic game mode that puts the force to relive classic Star Wars moments right in the palm of your hands!


Battlefront is known for its massive warfare and this game is not afraid to offer you the chaos, scale and feel of the classic franchise we grew to love. While there are a lot of game modes the ones we found extremely gratifying were the Supremacy mode and Heroes vs Villains.

Supremacy offers the massive scale and objective based gameplay that rewards players that play together and defend their ground while taking over enemy objectives. It is a ground and air based combat system that seamlessly transitions into each other. With your custom loadouts you unlock to form your player ‘hand’ you can choose how you wish to play. You can even team up with a partner that shares their loadout with you if you feel like you could use a hand with better weapons you haven’t unlocked yet. The 40 player action is all around you and you will have to move forward to bring your team to victory. With the occasional appearance of Heroes like Darth Vader or Han Solo to balance the game back into your advantage. If the right player picks the Hero power up that is…


The other game mode Heroes vs Villains is completely different but so much fun;
It is 12 players 6 vs 6 with half the team being Heroes (Luke, Han and Leia) or Villains (Vader, Palpatine and Boba Fett). The other half will be completed by rebels and stormtroopers respectively with unlimited respawns. The first team to bring down the 3 major characters from the opposing team wins. It is fast paced, action-filled and right in front of you!
There’s nothing more satisfying than force choking the life out of rebels by playing sneaky with Vader. Furthermore every character has its own strengths and weaknesses. Palpatine and Leia are supportive characters with health spawn abilities. Luke and Vader are wielding their lightsabers and iconic Force powers while Boba Fett and Han Solo are shooting first.
I found Leia and Luke to be surprisingly useful in battle but Palpatine seems to be missing something to me… He just doesn’t feel right. I’ve been stunshooting Darth Vader with Leia to his robot knees but when I play with Palpatine he just can’t seem to deliver the ‘unlimited power’ I was looking for… Shocking isn’t it?


Visually this game is stunning! Every inch of the maps feel polished and thought through. From the little Ewok huts to the desert on Tatooine, there is just so much detail for the Star Wars fans. I won’t spoil everything but keep your eyes peeled for creatures from your favourite universe. The character models look great and customizing your rebel or stormtrooper is a pleasing aesthetic! It’s way better than looking at identical troopers and rebels for hours. Everything looks and breathes “Star Wars”. From the sparks of missing blasterguns (because we all know Stormtroopers can’t see through their visors) to the speeding Millenium Falcon, I can’t stress how great this game looks. But it wouldn’t be a true Star Wars game if we hadn’t been addressing the score and sound effects. The voice acting is spot on and when a hero appears and the score kicks in… chills down my spine! But it’s when the sound and visuals come together to bring you the most gratifying symphony to your senses that you will do everything to get your hands on the “thermal imploder” power up! Just try it, you will not be disappointed!



So far so good right? Well I’ve used the word empty and short before and those keep telling me that there could’ve been more. Where are the other Heroes and Villains? From Battlefield II ? Where are Yoda, Obi, Grieveous, Mace Windu, Darth Maul, Dooku, Aayla, etc. but more important; WHERE IS CHEWBACCA? I’m pretty sure some of these will be included along with Kylo, Finn and the others to accompany the new movie release somehow in the form of DLC.
Still I feel like they should’ve added at least some more heroes.

Does it make the game bad? Not at all, if you’re looking for a star wars experience anyone can enjoy this is a great game that plays smoothly and looks amazing but it doesn’t justify the lack of some more content. Battlefront could be more than just a multiplayer game.


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