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Fallout 4 has been launched in the beginning of this month, you can read our review here. As is usual with a new Bethesda game, the modding community has already started with the improvement of the game.  In the first 2 weeks, there are almost 2000 mods made, which have a total of 5.40 million downloads. I will try to do a weekly release of what I think what are the most interesting mods available. From my experience, the really big mods will come once the G.E.C.K is released, but for our first week, we already have a few mind-blowing mods!

For those who have followed my previous guides for Fallout 3 and/or Fallout New Vegas, the setup of this guide-series will be different due to the nature of the guide. It will be build further up each week.

First of all, the basic knowledge:

Everyone should know where to find the fallout directory. The Mod Manager will take care of most mods, still, it is important to understand what is happening so you are able to fix any problems later

Your MAIN Fallout 4 directory as default will be:

C:\Program Files(x86)Steam\Steamapps\Common\Fallout4

Inside is a folder called “data” this is where all your game data is, and where mods end up. Don’t mix up the MAIN and DATA folder when installing, or your mods will not work. A pro tip: if you see another folder called data inside \Common\Fallout4\data, you (or the Mod Manager) have installed a mod wrong. Try to figure out what it is and fix it :).

Next is something I personally strong suggest: made a folder called somewhere where you place all your files for modding Fallout4. Call it like “Fallout 4 mods”, but don’t make this folder inside a steam folder, place it somewhere in your documents folder. Every file you download, every folder that you have extracted, it all will be placed in this folder. This way you will keep it all together which makes it easier to track everything down in case something goes wrong. I extract every archived file in his own separated folder inside

I won’t say which file you have to download, because changes are big that by the time you read this guide, some mods will already have newer versions. So always choose the latest!

Fallout 4 Configuration Tool: A simple mod that allows you do configure Fallout4.ini with a few clicks.

Installation: Extract archive and run the .exe. It will ask the Game Install directory. Be careful with this configurator, because it can screw up your Fallout 4 installation

Fallout 4 Mod Manager: First up is a Mod Manager. A Mod Manager, such as FOMM for Fallout New Vegas or the Nexus Mod Manager allows you to install mods, update them and reactivate them with a few clicks. This makes it much more easier to swap a mod, or try different version of it. However, they don’t always work flawlessly, I have run into problems such as corrupted installations and missing files. So read the installation instructions I will try to provide

Installation: Extract the .zip file and run the .exe. It will autodetect where Fallout 4 is installed.

To install mods with this mod guide, run the .exe


In the top left, click install and navigate to the archived mod file you have just installed. Select it and click open, this will open up the mod solver


Select the files you need or go with the default setting and click install. The mod will now be installed. You then need to activate it to get it working with Fallout 4. If the mod comes with an .esp file, do not forget to activate this as well!

Full Dialogue Interface: While I have nothing against Bethesda’s new dialogue interface, there is one thing that has always bugged me about this interface. Sometimes you come across a dialogue where the suggestion leads to your character saying something completely differently that what you thought he would say. I had this problem in Mass Effect and in L.A. Noire. I am glad that I have the option to mod this out of Fallout 4.

Installation: I chose the lite version because like I said, I have nothing against the new interface, just the suggestions might be different from my point-of-view.

Settlement Supplies Expanded (SSEx): The amount of buildable items we got from Bethesda is quite limited. The amount of buildable items you get with this mod? That is mind-blowing! As if version 1.8, the mod has 71 usable furnitures, 80 doors that don’t even need to be attached to a wall, 14 miscellaneous INTERACTIVE objects (this is stuff like a barber chair, a surgery chair, …) 228 static objects and food planters. It even has an alternate power armor rack! It’s amazing! The only downside is that all new custom items are buildable with cloths, which is kinda strange if you are making a car wreck.

Installation by the default way (See Fallout 4 Mod Manager if this doesn’t ring a bell). Just don’t forget the activate the .esp file on the end

Higher Settlement Budget: Now that you can place more different items, it’s kinda silly that you should be limited by a settlement budget. This mod allows you to get a higher budget, allowing you to place more.

Installation: Extract the package into the location of your Fallout 4 executable (NOT DATA FOLDER!)


  • Start up your game and head to the settlement you wish to expand.
  • Stand in front of the workshop and use it to open the construction menu.
  • Open the console by pressing the tilde (~) key.
  • With the console open left click the workshop.
  • Type the following without the quotes into the console: “bat settlement” to higher the default by near 3x
  • Type the following without the quotes into the console: “bat lowersettlement” to lower the values to near default.

More Where That Came From – Diamond City Radio Edition: I was a bit disappointed with Bethesda’s choice to include the music from Fallout 3 for their radio stations. I know why they did it (world is gone, so who’s going to make and produce new songs?), but still I would have loved to hear different songs. Lucky for me, the modding community came to my rescue with 74 new lore-friendly songs!

Installation: Manually installation is required here. Extract the t of the archived file in your main Fallout 4 folder.

  • After that use Fallout 4 Configuration Tool and edit Fallout4.ini to replacesResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\withsResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\, MUSIC\, SOUND\, INTERFACE\, MESHES\, PROGRAMS\, MATERIALS\, LODSETTINGS\, VIS\, MISC\, SCRIPTS\, SHADERSFX\
  • Edit your Fallout4Prefs.ini to add the following line under [Launcher]bEnableFileSelection=1
  • Done, you can turn the radio on and enjoy

Craftable Ammunition: You can craft a whole town, but are unable to make your own ammunition? That’s weird, but with this mod, that’s something weird from the past. 

Installation by the default way (See Fallout 4 Mod Manager if this doesn’t ring a bell). Just don’t forget the activate the .esp file on the end


PipBoyShadows: Cast shadows with the light coming from your PipBoy. However, these shadows can be weird because of the way Fallout 4 implements the PipBoy light. Be sure to read the description and pick a version that suits you best. Also a fair warning is that casting shadows will have an impact on your computers performance.

Installation by the default way (See Fallout 4 Mod Manager if this doesn’t ring a bell). Just don’t forget the activate the .esp file on the end.

Jesters Ammo Retexture Mod: Replaces the boring old textures from the ammo with these amazing detailed ones. You also have a coloured version! One for each flavor!

Installation: Pick a version you like and install it by the default way (See Fallout 4 Mod Manager if this doesn’t ring a bell).

Well, those are enough mods to start of this series. Knowing the modding community behind Bethesda’s game, we will see a lot of interesting mods coming out in the next few months. Be sure to check in regularly to see our weekly newest modguide for Fallout 4.

If you have any problems while following this guide, feel free to leave a comment.

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