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Special: Sony’s PSX 2015 hopes and Predictions.

So the second PSX is already here and tomorrow we might see some crazy stuff. There is so much that can happen and with the dream generation in full force and I took the time to write down my hopes and predictions of what’s going to go down tomorrow.

Oh and before we start you can see the press event right here:

Street Fighter 5’s new character reveal:

We’re getting to the end stretch of Street Fighter 5’s character reveals. And if I’m not mistaken there is one more character to be revealed. It’ supposed to be a new character and probably the final boss of the game. I’m really excited to see what crazy idea they will come up with. Ever since Street Fighter 3 it seems the final boss designs seem to basically be half-naked god-figures so I’m curious as to how this new boss will look and play.

Please no more half naked dudes Capcom. They’re getting boring.

So what’s up with The King Of Fighters 14?

So when The King Of Fighters 14 was shown I got really excited. However once I saw the game I became sceptical. No I’m not going hate on the game just because they dumped the sprites. However everything we’ve seen is worrying. It doesn’t look good, th animations are awkward and the models just looks off. But all we’ve seen are trailers and so far we haven’t had anyone actually touch the game. Until PSX that is. KOF 14 will be playable at the event so I really want to hear opinions and see footage. I hope this will be for the better rather than the worst.

kof 14 psxStill not looking too hot there SNK.

Some Final Fantasy 7 or Resident Evil 2 remake info:

Both games are just announced and we haven’t seen any gameplay of both. Devs have said that there will be changes and as far as Resident Evil goes, we still don’t know if the game will have Tank-controls and fixed camera angles. And while it’s a bit soon to see some actual gameplay trailer I do hope for either some screenshots or a gameplay tease.

Did we now? We didn’t unless I see it in action.

Playstation All-Stars gets a second chance:

Now Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is far from perfect. But I had some fun with it for sure. The problems that plagued the game where all the fault of the publisher rather than the devs. Now while the main super kill system was bad the main problem was that the game didn’t have that big of a budget and half of the roster was just a marketing campaign for games that had yet to be released at that point. But all that being said there is a concept here and while a lot of it wasn’t executed well. Either make it more like Smash or make it a 3d arena fighter like Anarchy reigns or Power Stone.

Now do it again, but this time with an actual budget.

Crash bandicoot returns to Sony.

So yeah I know this might not happen but after the whole Ryu taxis turning out to be a hint after all this time it might not be to far fetched to think that Crash Bandicoot “tease” is actually real. It’s more me hoping instead of going on cold hard evidence. And if not let’s just hope good ol’ Crash returns someday.

Can this ever be a thing?

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