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Analysis: Smash Bros. E3 update Part 3-Ryu,Suzaku Castle and Mii Brawler costumes.

Here comes a new challenger! The tireless wanderer has wandered out of Street Fighter and into Smash. Ryu joins the crew of Smash which to me is still amazing. Ryu is THE fighting game character. It’s definitely cool to see Ryu in Smash brothers. But is he fun to play as?Well the short answer is yes. Ryu stays true to his Street Fighter roots and is not only fun but unique and incredibly strong. And even though the long answer relatively stays the same some problems do start to pop up.

The cool gimmick Ryu has is that while you normally do specials by pressing a direction and the special button, this time around you can do classic Street Fighter inputs to buff Ryu’s moves. This means that doing a Hadoken(side special or quarter circle forward, special/normal) input will make Ryu do a stronger Hadoken or inputting a Shoryuken(up special or forward, down, down-forward and special/normal) input gives Ryu’s Shoryuken more height. So there is some incentive to do these moves. But this is where the first problems start to show, Smash is not Street Fighter and while doing these inputs is a cool gimmick most controllers don’t really allow for the accuracy to do these inputs. And before anyone tells me I need to learn the inputs, I have been doing shoryuken with Ryu and a ton of other characters in different games and I can do these inputs no problem. However the controller options in Smash don’t allow for easy or accurate inputs. The Wii U Pad is the worst for this as the stick feels too lose and the circular frame around the stick is too wide. Combine that with the shape of the stick and you got some irregular outcomes. All the other controller have the same problem with the exception being the 3ds, GameCube controller and the Wii Classic Controller are really good choices too.

Not only that but since in Smash Bros. you can look in any of the two directions at any time you want often when trying to do a Tatsumaki Senpukyaku( side special, quarter circle backwards and normal/special) you will accidentally do a Hadoken because you were facing the wrong direction. So a lot of the time trying to do these inputs might cost you a stock if noy the whole match. Ryu is something that most characters in Smash Bros. aren’t. Authentic to his source material. All the moves he has are based on his moves from past Street Fighter games. It’s really cool because when doing normal attacks you get one version but holding the button make you do stronger attacks. Sometimes much like the specials, you can accidentally use a strong version while you wanted to do a regular move. But enough of that, now it’s time to talk about him for real.

HNI_0003It’s a bit disappointing not having Akuma, Dan or Ken colors and only having his SF2 colors.


To start of Ryu is incredibly strong and versatile. He probably has the most recovery option available. Doing a Hadoken in air you get some small lift, doing a Focus Attack(down special) and cancelling out by double tapping forward or backward allows you to move forwards or backwards and you can do it until you hit the ground giving it a lot of reach. If that’s not enough his Tatsumaki Senpukyaku lets him cross a lot of air and his Shoryuken also has a lot of reach. So you will never have any problem getting back on the stage.

But what about his offensive capabilities. Well Ryu can actually combo a lot of stuff into each other. One thing I always like to do is his light kick(down tilt) two to three times and follow-up with either a Hadoken or Tatsu(abbreviation for Tatsumaki Senpukyaku). You can also try to do a Shoryuken but with the finicky inputs most of the time his Hadoken will come out anyway. His Up Tilt, while low on reach can be done two to three times and you can finish it off with a Shoryuken. His standard three hit combo is good to stack up damage and while I feel like his down Smash isn’t a good kill-move it’s really fast and again a good way rack up that percentage. In air Ryu also has some good stuff. His neutral and down aerial are good but the best one is his forward areal which is his jumping kick and has a nice range, so use it with low jumps to get in. A good kill move is his hard neutral which is a fairly fast kick that can kill really easily. Another relatively easy set-up for K.O. is a fully charged focus attack and go into a Shoryuken. It’s an almost guaranteed 80% kill-move and at 100% is a guaranteed kill. And that’s Ryu. He’s a great character gameplay wise and he looks great too. However is there was one thing I wanted to be able to do is set his voice to Japanese since I’m used to the Japanese voice used in SF4.

HNI_0082It’s cool seeing a more”realistic” Ryu and as far as gameplay goes he’s very unique.


Not only did Ryu join Smash but his stage also wandered into the game. Suzaku Castle, Ryu’s Street Fighter 2 stage is back and it looks cool. But as far as fun goes it’s okay. The stage has a walk-off so that makes it immediately unusable in competitive games. And playing with three other player it’s only okay. Suzaku Castle is best played in either Omega mode or with 8-player smashes. When you play with four players the stage will never be used in its entirety. In 8-player smash absolutely every part of the stage will be used and then it’s pretty fun. As far as design goes it looks great. The stage doesn’t look like it takes place on the original stage but rather right next to it. It looks good and authentic. As far as the music goes only two songs are used. Both Ken and Ryu’s theme are used three times each. Yep you only get two new songs with each having three variations. One is a remix of the two themes made especially for this game and the others are both arcade version of the respective themes. Both new remixes sound good but pale in comparison to some of street fighter’s remixes of these themes. It’s also cool that like in Melee’s Mushroom Kingdom stage once the time counter hits 30 seconds or all players only have one stock left the crisis version of the song starts playing. And that’s all about all I have to say. The stage looks cool and is fun for 8-player smashes but other than that there is noting note-worthy.

HNI_0004The stage is one of the more enjoyable 8-player stage but that’s about all.
Ken’s theme can still get me excited after all those years. Ken Stage(Remix)

Old songs:

Listed in order: Ryu Stage Type A(Street Fighter 2), Ryu Stage Type B(Super Street Fighter 2), Ken Stage Type A(Street Fighter 2), Ken Stage Type B(Super Street Fighter 2).

New songs(remix):

Ryu Stage(Street Fighter).

Now let’s take a quick look at the new Mii skins. These are for the Mii Brawler. I think the Brawler costumes in this pack are the absolute best. I’m mainly talking about the Akira skin from Virtua fighter which looks all polygonal and stuff, just like he looked in the first Virtua Fighter. I love it. The other two are Heihachi from Tekken which looks just like it should. It’s cool and if you’re a fan of Heihachi(who isn’t) than you will love this costume. Lastly there is Jacky who also comes from Virtua Fighter. Even if you don’t know Jacky this costume is rad. The wig looks super nice and the biker outfit has this nice sheen to it. More than that doesn’t need to be said. The costumes are all from other fighting games and it’s pretty weird seeing Street Fighter’s Ryu together with costumes from Tekken AND Virtua Fighter. Akira is by far my favorite because it’s all blocky and stuff. It’s great.

HNI_0008The Akira skin is the absolute best.


Phew. That’s it. that’s all three parts. I’ve never seen a game that releases three DLC character on the same day. It’s nuts and pretty expensive actually. And now all that awaits me is the crap-ton of characters from other fighting games I missed and the next DLC characters for Smash so until then.



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