News: Bayonetta also joins Smash bros.

WOW!! That’s nuts. the Umbra Witch is the big climax to the Smash roster.

So Platinum’s Bayonetta is the last character joining Smash. It’s a good way to close it. I would’ve rather seen Wonder Red but oh well, this is the next best thing. As it turns out she’s the number one pick from Europe so that shows Europe has some damn good taste. It’s weird knowing the last character for Smash Bros. now there’s just Pokken and a KOF character reveals that will get me as close as excited for characters in a game(aside from Juri in Street Fighter). I’ve seen a lot of people’s reactions and almost all of them in caps. I know I’ll play Smash for a long time to come and most of it will probably be spent in photo mode. And with that all smash 3rd party guest characters are in a fighting game of some sorts.
I also adore the tweet Platinum games’ Kamiya posted:

With that said here is the last Smash Bros. reveal trailer for a long time:

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