News: Dream generations baby: System Shock 3 is being teased!

This generation is making everyone’s dreams come true.

I still can’t believe it’s real. After things like Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, The Last Guardian and my personal wish: Resident Evil 2 Remake we get another game we can scratch off of the bucket list. System Shock 3 exist and is being developed by some ex-staffers who worked on System Shock 2 and as far as I understand Bioshock so that’s a wining combination. While I really wanted to see a System Shock 2 remake first I am kind of going berserk writing this. I mean I thought I would never had to see, hear, type or say the words: “System Shock 3 is announced.” But I did and if you’ll excuse me I’ll do it again. System Shock 3 is announced!!! Now before I completely lose it I still remain skeptical. The game is probably going trough Kickstarter so there is no guarantee that it exists, and if so we don’t know much of OtherSide Entertainment other than that they are working on a spiritual successor to Ultima Underworld. So I’m still wary but super excited by the idea that another System Shock will come out and that it has a chance to be really good.
Go here if you don’t believe me:

We’re getting so close to Half-Life 3 I can almost taste it.

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